Unbalance Fashion Rules!

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know “Unbalanced Mismatch” fashion is popular and everywhere. It’s not something we can see only at some fashion runways anymore. Mismatching what you wear is actually a lot of fun and is a great way to express “YOU’ and only you, which is what PinKixx is going for.

1. Weddings

It’s common to see mismatching bridesmaids dresses and accessories at weddings these days. It can show the seasonal colors or the bride’s creative sides to show herself. Mix-and-match the dress colors, types of bouquets or decorative flowers, shoe pallets, or hair styles. The wedding can be a lot of fun to mismatch to show the uniqueness of the particular wedding. You can be creative as much as you like for your day!


mismatch-bridesmaids-dresses from pinterest.com

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is not an exception to Mismatch trend. Earrings are the most common and easy to mismatch to show the different you.


mismatch-jewelry from pinterest.com

3. Clothes

Imagine, the infinite possibilities of mismatch in clothing! Autumn is right at the door. Look through your closet and see what you can mix-and-match. The scarf or skirt you purchased years ago that didn’t seem to go with much of what you had might be the number one fashion item you’d wear everyday this fall!

mismatch outfit

mismatch outfit from pinterest.com

4. Shoes

Mismatch shoes are the fun one and really cool to pull if you do it right. Try modern. Think of colors and designs that you can customize. Try attachable accessories. You’ll be the coolest lady in your block!


mismatch-shoes from pinterest.com

Try mismatch in your fashion this fall. The possibilities are endless with mismatches!

What is your favorite mismatching unbalanced fashion you try? Please share with PinKixx!


PinKixx’s Most Popular Item To Law and Order SVU

PinKixx is busy with TV shows this year! This time, collaborating with The Artisan Group again, we are gifting “Freedom Handcuff Necklace” to the popular tv show ” Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ” in consideration of use for the future episodes.

law and order svu and freedom handcuff necklace

law and order svu and freedom handcuff necklace

NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” is the current longest running scripted non-animated U.S. primetime TV series since the cancellation of the original Law & Order in 2010 and is the sixth longest running scripted U.S. primetime TV series. It returns on September 24 for their season 16, and airs on Wednesdays 9/8C. Please catch up with the show when you can and see if you can spot our necklace. We’ll also update you with a photo(s) when our necklace appears on the show.

Do you think our Freedom Handcuff Necklace is fit for the show? Please share your say in the comment!

Matte Is The Word!

I talked about OMBRE Style – one of the latest fashion trends – a little while back, ( http://pinkixxjewelry.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/8-things-you-should-try-ombre/ ), and if you follow what’s different lately, you definitely noticed another fashion trend by now. From beauty products, accessory, clothes, shoes to Mercedes-Benz Black Series, MATTE style is booming everywhere in town.

Matte finish is considered very fashion-forward. Once relegated to men with rough surface looks, the matte finish is now being touted by women everywhere as a fresh, edgy, and confident style. The lack of glossiness increases the impact of each color, showing the instant “wow” effect without any distractions.

matte styles in fashion

matte styles in fashion

Have you tried any? What matte style do you fancy? Please dare to share it with us in the comment.


How to Choose the Jewelry You Will Actually Wear

In Los Angeles where I live, the seasonal changes are minimal. It’s hot during the day and cold at night all year around. Fortunately, that typical desert weather requires me a minimal work to organize my closets. Once or twice a year I go through them and sort out donations and throw-outs and keepers. When I do that, typically I go through, ‘I never wear this,’ ‘I wore it only once,’ ‘When did I get this?,’ and ‘I can’t live without this!’ Everytime I look at the piles sorted out, I see how my style changes. At the same time, I have shirts or earrings or shoes I had for decades and I still wear often.

What I wear expresses myself. That’s who I am. Even though my style changes, there’s still ‘ME’ in there that never changes. Those are the ones that I keep for years and keep wearing. When I meet people in general, my eyes catch their accessories first. Of course, it’s a career hazard, and it’s spontaneous when it happens. Over and over times, when I see the people who accessorize themselves well –  whether their fashion sense matches with mine or not – I notice the difference between those who don’t know how to accessorize themselves and the others who do.

womens closet

photo from Pinterest.com

Those who know how to accessorize themselves know their style. In another words, they know themselves. They know how to make decisions on things they buy. Whether their style changes over the years or not, they know how to decide and make it work for them. It doesn’t particularly mean they’re fashionable or trendy. They just know their style. The ones that you wear over and over define you. That consistency tells me the story of the wearer; who they are. Simply put, Knowing Who You Are is how to choose your jewelry (along with almost all other decisions you make for yourself).

fashion ideas

photo from Pinterest.com

Think about What Describes You when you make your purchase. Think three words that characterize you. For example, mine goes ‘Simple, Modern, and Direct.’ Not just jewelries – as a matter of a fact – the furniture, clothes, shoes, bags, hair styles, underwears…anything I buy, have, or wear reflects on that. Bold colors, simple designs, plain colored dresses, unbalanced styles, geometric figures, a little bit off the wall, etc. That’s what I have and always go for. When I find something that satisfies all 3 of them, I know I’ll love it and keep it forever. Look into your closet and drawers and jewelry boxes and displays, and see what you wear often. Does that satisfy all three of the words that describe you? Just two? Or one? Most likely, the ones that describe all three are your favorite ones. When you decide to buy new jewelry, see if the item matches your three words. See if it shows who you are. Go for all 3 strikes. Otherwise, it might stay in the back of your closet or drawers until you decide to give it away or throw it out.

So, what your fashion/jewelry tells about yourself? Confident? Friendly? Insightful? Complex? What are your three words you consider? Please share them with us in the comment!

Best Anti-Aging Foods for Women

Ahhhh, I’m waiting for the day the scientists announce that they found the foods that would literally prevent aging. LOL. I know, I know. However, I still try and focus on researches about anti-aging information, especially for women. We gotta try our best as much as we can, right? I’d like to share some foods that repeatedly come up in many anti-aging food lists.

1. Berries