2014 Holiday Gift Guide for PANKs!

There are 23 million American women known as PANKs, professional aunt with no kids. One in five women is a PANK, and I am one of them. I love being a pank, and a lot of our PinKixxes are proud panks too, and we rock! You’re a cool aunt (or called “savvy auntie”) who looove your nieces and nephews, and they love you back. Around the holidays, it’s not just moms who are busy to plan for their children. PANKs spend $9 billion on toys and gifts for children annually. Wow, right?

NOW, with all the things we got for others this holiday, let’s think about ourselves. Well, someone has to get us a gift too, don’t you agree (even if that someone ends up being yourself)??? So here’s the list of Gifts for Panks. The price goes from $5 to $2000, so just pick the one (or two) that strikes you, and enjoy.

1. Bath bombs

For relaxing time and rejuvenating yourself. Like this one:


lavender bath bombs

lavender bath bombs

2. Sexy lingerie

Whether it’s for someone else to see or for myself, we do want to feel sexy. Also, this is for emergency use (?) for unexpected dates. How about something like this. It’s on sale now too:


3. Power cuff/bracelet

Love this one. I call it a Power Cuff.


4. Geometric jewelry

One of the bestsellers from PinKixx this holiday. Sexy dirty martini type. Wear them to your holiday party. They’ll be an instant hit!


Get one or two Cube on Cube Necklace from Tube Collections for your niece and nephew (and pick one for your own) too while you’re there.

3 shades of grey earrings

3 shades of grey earrings

5. Sweater/scarf

I love sweaters, and with getting old, I buy even more sweaters. Hate to be cold! I started to coordinate with scarfs recently. With scarfs, it’s so easy to accent your fashion and to make the completely different look of your favorite outfit you wear often. Click the link below and Scroll to the 4th picture. That’s the one I wanted to show you.


6. Smartphone case that prints

We panks are tech-savvy too. Try this one:


7. Bag/tote

I personally love bags. Only a handful of them I actually use on daily basis, but still I have a ton of them. If you’re like me, you’ll love to get another bag this holiday. Try this one:


There you have it. What’s your favorite? Can you tell us what’s on your list this holiday for Panks? Share it in the comment!

500 Sale Celebration!

This is our second celebration this week! We reached 500 sales at one of our PinKixx Jewelry shop on Etsy this week!

celebrating for 500 sales

celebrating for 500 sale milestone

This is the first shop we opened up online when we were still DistinQue back in 2007. We have several online shops besides this, but this one reached the record first. Yay!

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, PinKixx is sending a free gift to our loyal customers who made this come true. If you purchased our jewelry from PinKixx on Etsy before December 10, 2014, please send us your name, the date and the item name of your purchase before December 31, 2014. We’ll send you the angel wing earrings to the same address you made your order. If you have a change of address, please send us the new shipping address in your mail as well.

If you purchased your item after December 10, 2014, don’t worry, you will get the chance to receive the next free gift at the next record-breaking time.

We can’t thank you enough to all our DistinQue members and PinKixxes out there for visiting our etsy sites.


Please share in the comment which item is your favorite from our PinKixx on Etsy! :-)


Simple Trick for Better Life

A few important things I newly learned when I reached 40 are not the ones I never heard of, but knew them all along but never felt in my heart. One of them is gratitude.

The most fundamental practice to quickly transform your life into positive and more meaningful is gratitude. Believe me, it’s true, and it works. A deep and genuine sense of appreciation for what you have in your life – for the air you breathe, for the warm room you live in, for blessing of people who care about you, for all and more – can turn your life around.

In the business, when I get Facebook Likes, when I see comments in the blog posts, when I get reviews on my products, when members ask me for fashion help…all these make me feel like I have some meaning in their lives. Each time I am thankful, and every time it makes me think ‘How can I thank them?’ ‘what can i do for them?’ It charges me up to think, plan, and execute something new everyday and makes me go out there and meet more new people and learn more about them.

be thankful quote

“be thankful”: photo from pinterest.com

I loved watching Marie Forleo’s video about gratitude, so I started my Gratitude Journal. Find 1 thing I thank for and write 5 things about it, and this is the first thing in my journal:

I’m thankful for my best friend, Bill.

1. He listens to my complaints at 1 in the morning
2. He brings cold medicine when I’m sick
3. We talk everyday about nothing
4. He treats me to dinner when I’m down
5. He delivers my order packages to the post office when I’m lazy

Ahhhh, it looks like I gotta be more nice to him from now on. The arguments and disagreements we have often don’t seem much now. Ha! By the time I’ll share more gratitude with us, Wham-Bahm, I seeĀ Gratitude Jewelry in production too. Who knows, right?

Please watch Marie’s video, and share with us what you’re thankful for in the comment below. We appreciate it! :-)


PinKixx’s Cyber Monday Gift!

Happy thanksgiving, PinKixxes! It’s already that time of the year. Sharing and Giving time that is. It is hard to catch up with everyone and prepare for getting together including traveling, but we hope you’re more excited than getting stressed over holidays. At a celebrating time like this, we wanted to give something back to our members, and this year we are running 35% off on all items for cyber monday!

2014 cyber monday sale from pinkixx

2014 cyber monday sale from pinkixx jewelry

As you all know, we only run sales twice a year, so we hope you use this opportunity to stock up gifts for you and your loved ones.

The sale starts from November 29th at 00:00am and ends on December 1st at 11:59pm, pacific time, for 3 days only. Please use coupon code “BLOG2014″ to get 35% off from anything you order from PinKixx.com. This offer is limited to PinKixx.com items.

Don’t forget, every sale we make on PinKixx.com leads to the donation to Girls Inc. this year.