Urban Jewelry of the Month No.4 – Symbol Jewelry

SYMBOL JEWELRY is very popular for obvious reasons. They convey the feeling of the sender or the wearer. It sends a message without saying but in a bigger way even. Symbolic jewelry has been worn by royals and the likes since the ancient time to show their power and status. These days, Symbol Jewelry is often everyday jewelry you can leave on you at all times, such as rings and necklaces. Many and many symbols are used in jewelry. Here we’ll talk about just a few you like:

Evil Eye : Protection

You’ve seen this many times. The symbol and superstition of the evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world. Yet, despite the differences in the cultures which hold the evil eye myth, it retains largely the same meaning no matter where the story is told. In its most basic form, the evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. It is a look which clearly states that one intends for something bad to happen to the object of one’s focus, either out of jealousy or pure malice. The superstition of the evil eye holds that the malicious look is powerful enough to bring about actual disaster for the unfortunate person that is the receiver of the glare. Cool, right?

symbol jewelry at PinKixx

symbol jewelry at PinKixx

Infinity : Love forever

Sometimes called the lemniscate, Infinity is an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. In Jewelry, we use it to express love and has been very popular recently. PinKixx carries varieties of infinity bracelets and necklaces.


Clover : Good luck

Four Lear Clover is a universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old. Believe it or not, some say Eve carried a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden.


Heart : Love

Doesn’t a heart make you feel warm by just looking at it? Heart symbol is universally seen as a quintessential representation of both physical and eternal love. Various cultures through the ages have associated this heart symbol with affection, compassion, joy, and charity.


gold tree of life necklace with pearls from pinkixxjewelry

gold tree of life necklace with pearls

Hamsa: Protection

Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. The hand is recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history. Hamsa is believed to provide protection from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, happiness, good fortune, fertility, luck and good health.

Tree of Life : Life, Renewal, Energy, Connection of all, Beginning of all, Garden of Eden

Ahh, we love Tree of Life! You probably saw dozens of different designs of tree of life in jewelry by now. We love them all! A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies, and as you can guess, there are a lot of different meanings in each history, legends, or religions.


There you have it! What is your favorite symbol used in Jewelry? Please share with us in the comment!

Fun PANK Facts!

Are you a Pank? We, PinKixx, serve for PANKS – professional aunt with no kids. There are 23 million American women known as PANKs, a population size comparable to African American adults (28 million) or the LGBT community (16 million), according to Savvy Auntie® and Weber Shandwick Research.

professional aunt with no kids play viral roles in family and economy. 23 million americans are panks.

panks rock!

Weber Shandwick, a leading global public relations firm, discovered:

PANKs serve a vital role in the family
PANKs potentially have a network of friends and family members with growing families. These women often provide help with educational expenses, baby-sitting and household chores, not to mention all sorts of gifts, Melanie Notkin, CEO of Savvy Auntie, said. But they can also be that “cool aunt” who exposes a child to cultural experiences for which the parents may not have the time or money. Often they are the trusted adult whom children can talk to about sensitive topics they wouldn’t dare discuss with their parents. PANKs also offer economic assistance by providing kids with things kids’ parents sometimes cannot or will not offer them and many have given gifts to parents to help them provide for their kids.

PANKs are avid info-sharers
PANKs are sharing information on a wide range of products and services. They are exceptionally good sharers of information about clothing, vacation/travel, websites/social networks sites, and products for digital devices but also index higher on traditional “mom” categories such as groceries/food and beverages, home appliances and decorating goods.

PANKs are devoted “nesters” but also highly social
PANKs are significantly more likely than the average woman to enjoy home decorating and home improvements. They are just as likely as overall women to enjoy domestic life – spending time at home, cooking, entertaining, yard work, and even housekeeping. And at the same time, PANKs are significantly more likely than women overall to enjoy social activities – hanging out with friends, dating, using social networks, volunteering, and participating in sports. PANKs also enjoy attending religious services as much as the average woman.

fun facts about PANKs

fun facts about PANKs, image from pinterest.com

Here are some other fun facts about PANKs:

  • average age of a PANK is 36.
  • 1 in 5 American women is a PANK (make it a whooping 23 million).
  • have a higher rate of full-time employment than the average woman.
  • have a higher rate of an annual household income that matches that of the average woman.
  • spend an average of $387 a year on each child in their lives & 76 percent of them spend more than $500 a year. This translates to an annual PANK buying power estimate averaging roughly $9 billion.
  • are significantly more likely than the average woman to enjoy home decorating and home improvements.
  • are just as likely as overall women to enjoy domestic life – spending time at home, cooking, entertaining, yard work, and even housekeeping.
  • are significantly more likely than women overall to enjoy social activities – hanging out with friends, dating, using social networks, volunteering, and participating in sports.
  • enjoy attending religious services as much as the average woman
  • approximately two-thirds of PANKs (67%) are sought out by their friends more than any other friend for advice/consultation on a wide range of topics including purchasing decisions

More interesting statistics and infographics about PANKS can be found here:

Must-Haves in Your Closet for Confident Women

PinKixx is all about making women confident and proud. I wanted to do this series, “Must-Haves in Your Closet fro Confident Women,” for a long time and gathered a lot of information from online and actual workers. Some might not be what you agree to, but I’m sure we can learn a lot from this series to comply them into our fashion to emphasize our confidence in everyday life.

Confident women take in charge of their lives. Whether it’s business or personal, the way you lead your life influences others and teaches them ‘do’s and ‘dont’s. Consciously and unconsciously, you lead others and show them how to improve themselves into being confident women. Also the attentions from others add more confidence on confident women. You walk taller, prouder. You act and speak with more thought and clarity because you know you have an audience around you. You tend to think things through and to see the “big picture.” And if you’ve prepared to lead correctly, you already have a message to share to sway people to your way of thinking.

“Leadership is influence,” says management expert John C. Maxwell, “If you want to have influence, dress like a leader. It’s the fastest way to get what you want.” Here are some essential tips what you should have in your closet to start with:


Dark colors like black, blue, and brown – and neutral colors like beige and gray – tend to command more respect than light and bright colors. If you’re a woman working in a male industry, avoid wearing “girly” colors like pink, purple, and pastels when dealing with men. This is not to be ‘manly.’ This is to respect the work environment and that women are equal at work. And, trust me, there will be plenty of occasions you will wear “girly” if you want.

women in suits

women in suits: image from pinterest.com


Simple, classic lines rate more favorably than fussy, complicated ones. Trendy clothes are frowned upon in just about every industry outside of fashion. If you keep it simple, you’ll command respect.


Firm, tailored fabrics are associated with firm, commanding leaders. Opt for wool, linen, mohair – yes, all those troublesome fabrics that require extra care. Just another way to show you’re confident.


Classic buttons, functioning zippers, usable pockets – everything you need but nothing you don’t. Don’t let trendy embellishments pull attention away from the main attraction: you.


When you wear a standard leadership “uniform,” accessories are the easiest way to let your personality show through. You can get a little creative – interesting colors, textures, and shapes, for example – but do keep them simple and elegant so they don’t steal the show – or your message.

Great. Now you have some ideas what you need in your closet. What do you have in your closet that makes you feel confident? Please share with us below.

***I’ll share more and more fashion tips for confident women and leaders. Stay tuned!

Send Your Love to Your Super Mom!

One of the greatest holidays is right around the corner. Are you ready to surprise your hero?

PinKixx Jewelry is for women, and Mothers Day is the second busiest time for us. Every year, you put your thoughts into picking up the best gifts for your moms. Sometimes you feel discouraged, thinking ‘She has everything. What should I give her’ ‘I’m out of ideas’ ‘Feel like I’m giving her the same thing over and over’… We know the feeling. Just focus on showing your love to her, we’re sure she’ll love it whatever you’re preparing.

We were not surprised to see Modern Jewelry Collection has been again the strongest for mom’s gifts this year. Symbolizing Mother-Daughter or Mother-Children has been widely recognized and going fast, such as our Love Heart Necklaces.

silver heart necklaces for mothers and daughters

silver heart necklaces for mothers and daughters

Also Gold Necklaces, especially meaningful to show bonding, have been popular for young mom’s gifts this year amongst our PinKixxes:

gold 3 ring necklaces for moms

gold 3 ring necklaces for moms

If you shop online and still haven’t decided your gift yet, it’d be a good idea to hurry up since this week might be the last chance for you to lock on your gift. To make your shopping easier, PinKixx is giving Free Upgrade Shipping for last minute shoppers. Please use the coupon code, “FreeUP” in the comment to seller when you check out. Any order that is requested to deliver within the USA will be automatically upgraded to Priority. Visit PinKixx today. Let’s treat our moms with what she deserves and show her what she means to us!

What is your gift for your mom to make her happy this year? Please share in the comment with us. :-)

Urban Jewelry of the Month No.3 – Silver Jewelry

This month, let’s talk about Silver Jewelry, which is one of PinKixx’s favorites.

Valued much more than gold at one point in history, Sterling Silver is more casual, trendy, and carefree when compared to the traditional yellow gold. Silver is more versatile and can be worn with greater laxity. Matching silver jewelry with some other color or jewelry is definitely easier than mixing the yellow or rose gold jewelry since silver goes with almost all colors. Not to mention, much easier to maintain and clean.

Silver Bubble Necklace

Sterling Silver Bubble Necklace

Silver has been a go-to look for evening wear for decades. Maybe it’s because it has the ability to make diamonds and crystals glimmer like no other metal can, picking up diffused moonbeams. For these reasons, you will always find dramatic shoulder-grazing earrings and sleek cuffs after dark at any club or swanky restaurant. At night outings including parties, match and mix your silver accessories with sequins as well as other metals.

You can also look at it as playing with natural light. Tons of silver jewelry with cute charms can be dressed down just as easily and worn as everyday jewelry. Small charm necklaces have been great gifts to someone who is shy with jewelry or accessories or graduates who are starting their new phases of life.

Simple silver jewelry is popular in summer with your favorite gauzy white tunics, cut-offs, or simple leather sandals. If wearing during the sun-shiny day, try mixing them with colorful jewelry including gemstone pieces too. You may wear silver jewelry with monochromes of all types.

silver layered bracelets from pinterest

silver layered bracelets from pinterest

For all of its shine, silver looks particularly fresh when brushed or antiqued to a rich gunmetal hue. Adding textures on silver goes a long way in fashion. Lots of geometric bib necklaces or statement necklaces look great in silver. This heavy look pairs well with fall’s rich textures of cashmere, wool, velvet, brocade and leather. Hair should be kept architectural, with soft pompadours or blunt angles and lips can be dramatic, in shades of plum or raisin.

Silver, along with white gold or titanium, is also popular for wedding jewelry or bridesmaid jewelry. Especially with initials or symbols are favorite choices.

Silver can also be featured via many different layers of chains in varying lengths and textures for a tough or more fashionable and confident women vibe. Bright silver collar necklaces are making a comeback too. These look sharp with sweater dresses or riding boots.

Finally, when the elements are small, — skinny bracelets or necklaces or rings —, silver and gold can play together in a cohesive look too. Mixed metal is another favorite at PinKixx.com.

Feel like seeing some Silver Jewelry now? Come over to PINKIXX today!