Valentines Day Gift Guide: Jewelry and Love

How did Jewelry linked with love? Have you ever wondered about that?

When it comes to Valentines’ day or Special day for ladies, the usual gift people come to is jewelry. Jewelry has been a leading fashion item that showed love in nonverbal way.

Throughout the history, Jewelry has been in our daily lives. Romantic jewelry has been greatly influenced by English Queen Victoria. Her pensionable love toward her husband, art and jewelry managed to sway traditions and change fashion styles several times during her long reign from 1837 to 1901.

silver heart necklaces for lovers

silver heart necklaces for lovers

Late years of romanticism are today remembered as the time when some of the greatest jewelry creations of all time were made. Romantic motif developed from that period varies in hearts, anchors, snakes, crosses, animals, stars, crescent moons, and more.

jewelry in romantic motif for valentine day gift

jewelry in romantic motif from

Jewelry is timeless love. Express your love this valentine’s day. Wear the piece that shows that you’re loved.

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Which is your favorite love themed jewelry? Let us know in the comment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’ll wear a maze on a necklace, dangling over my chest, because if you want to get at my heart, you have to be ready to lose yourself.” – Jarod Kintz


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One Thing Every Successful Person Does

There are tons of things successful people do.

They work hard everyday. They learn everyday. They take risks. They focus on their goal. They share their time efficiently, so they maximize their productivity.

For all that, there’s one thing they never miss to do. It is PLANNING.

Without a plan, everything you do lose its focus and could be wasteful.

You have your yearly goal. You assign the monthly plans, put them into weekly plan, and then into daily plans. When you dissect down your big goal into daily goals, your big picture doesn’t seem impossible.

So, what do you do to plan?

For me, every year I use a planner/journal to plan my goal. I personally have to have something in my hand, before my eyes, to remind myself what I’m going for and what to do everyday.


Here are some I found for this year:
(Self Journal was started from kickstarter, and from the description of it, it looks pretty damn good. though i have to say, their customer service was less than great, it seemed like handled by someone whose primary language is not english)
(“the freedom journal” is backed by a lot of entrepreneurs who thrive for success. their kickstarter is still on. unfortunately, the link keeps popping up as a huge image, so i couldn’t post it here. you’ll have to go to kickstarter page and search for the freedom journal. also you can try a 30-day pdf version of it for free)

With your solid plans, you can be focused. You just have to follow your plan everyday to get your goal in the end. Exciting, right?

So, what’s your goal this year? What’s your plan? What planner do you use for your success? Please share it with us in the comment.


More useful notes to kick off your new year :

Geometric Fashion Guide for Winter You Should Try!

How are you all holding up this winter?

While the east coast is unexpectingly warm at times, I feel like it’s particularly cold this winter in LA. Although…it feels like a real winter finally! Ha!

I think this is the year I cared about winter fashion more than any other winter because I actually needed winter clothes. So I dug out popular trends this winter.

These are fashion trends you can try and will love. Here we go!

1. Layers, Layers, and Layers!

This was particularly essential for me to survive this winter because I didn’t have many winter clothes. Layering more of what I have provided much needed warmth for me.


2. Geometric Sweater Cardigan

I always loved sweaters. My mom complained at one point that I was buying too many sweaters when I was in college. Guess what? It was in trend! This winter sweaters and sweater cardigans are very popular. These are some I love.


3. Geometric Scarfs

There are so many ways to wear scarfs. It could be a head piece, a coat, a belt, and of course, a scarf to wear in a dozen different ways.


4. Big Metal Accessory

Love this trend ’cause I love tough girl accessories. Especially when it’s metal, that’s my game!



5. Geometric Bags

I can’t get enough of geometric, and geometric bags were one of the trends last year! I still have the crescent leather bag I got right after college, which I have been using almost everyday.


Which is your favorite fashion trend this winter? Please share with us in the comment! :-)

Try these fashion tips this winter, and stay warm, PinKixxes!

Try Geometric Jewelry This Winter!

Confident? Sexy? Bold? Which is are you?

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Future Is Here – CES2016

Future Is Here” That’s what they said. That’s what it was.

So, this year, again, I took time to go see Consumer Electronic Show (CES). And, it was INCREDIBLE (again)!

It rained so hard on the way to Vegas, it was scary to drive.

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

on the way to CES in vegas in rain

Fortunately, the rainy days that were anticipated stayed minimum, and we saw the sun most of the days of the event.

Of course, what I would look for is inspirations for my future designs. From what I saw, the future contains lots of sleek, minimal, and geometric designs.



Although the big companies’ displays were spectacular, the most surprising aspect of the event was to see lots of new small businesses showing up with their new innovative products, and that was where the most people stayed at for real business. So much that on friday, I couldn’t even see where I was going in the crowd. I don’t know how many times I was lost (my goodness).

I was so excited on the first day, I got up too early. Like 4 hours early. I strolled around to see the Venetian hotel. It was weird and interesting to see the famous spots completely empty with no one around at all, which came back to life with full of people later.

ces2016-venetian hotel

ces2016-venetian hotel

The most impressive products for me are always something small, something everyone knows, and something that makes me ‘a-ha.’ More likely, “a-ha, why didn’t anyone think about this before?” A simple product that everyone at least thought about once. I personally think that is the money maker.

One thing I learned particularly from this CES was that PACKAGING is so important. I found myself attracted to the better (modern-looking) packaging once I see the potential on the product. When I saw great products that did not come with the good packaging, it was a turn-off. I would back off. It was interesting to me because when you learn marketing, you already know this, but when you actually see it in person and experience it, it’s ‘wow, it’s true.’

I’ve met so many different people from so many different places. I’ve talked to a lot of interesting people. It was 4 days of fun and learning experience for the future.

Were you there this year? What was your most interesting experience at CES 2016? Please share with us in the comment!


Celebrating the New Beginning with You!

Happy New Year!

The year 2015 had passed, and the year 2016 has come. I still remember when we were celebrating the millennium, but it’s already 2016.

Was your 2015 productive? What was new that you learned in 2015? What has to be changed and what has to be continued? What’s your new year resolution? So many questions and thoughts go through our minds around this time.

happy new year 2016!

happy new year 2016!

PinKixx in 2016 will be a nurturing year. Instead of a lot of new plans, we are excited to look back and around and think more about what we have and what we have done.

We’ll be developing our current collections into a deeper level and planning to do more for our existing members. We hope you will be joining us every step of the way.

Now at the beginning of a new year, celebration is in order! We found some great list of champagne recipes from Pinterest. Lots of them with delicious fruits. Also more champagne cocktail recipes that are easy to make and bound to please you and your guests can be found HERE.

Raise your glass to toast. Here’s to you, the year 2016! We wish all of us to make this year to prosper and sparkle!