Sweet Crush on Candy Saga

There is this sweet trend going on especially on Facebook these days. If you haven’t noticed, please take a look around. Almost everybody seems to get caught up in this sweet game called Candy Crush Saga. This is a sweet treat for all of you, even if you are not an online gamer (yet).


Image source

Candy Crush Saga is an online game initially launched for Facebook. But as time passes by and it receives more great feedbacks it has then become available for Androids and iPhone. Although in some levels there are moves that require players to do a purchase overall this game is actually free. Because even if you don’t buy the next step you can send a request to other gamers to help you unlock the move or send you a life.

This game is more like a chest (only sweeter) as it needs strategy in order to complete the instruction while at the same time also score high.

However even though Candy Crush Saga is probably the healthiest sweets on earth for not going to rotten your teeth nor adding more sugar on your blood but this particular sweet is heavily addictive. We must warn you that you should be very careful if you want to start crushing the candies. Once you go into that sweet land there will be no turning back. All you will want to do is to play, play and play!

Dare to indulge in the Saga? Go ahead, download the app here for Google Play on Androids or you can go to iTune Store if you are iPhone user.

Happy candy-crushing đŸ™‚


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