Top 6 Things to Survive Summer in Style

Now that summer has finally arrived PinKixx can hardly wait to hit the pool! Yes, we can’t wait to shower ourself with the shimmering light from the sun, enjoying the warm weather and to just chill out. Summer is all about having fun and keep everything simple and light. We are so happy to embrace our tank top and hot short but looking completely scrappy is definitely not our thing. Check out what more we can do to survive summer in style.

Pack a sunblock with you!

We spot this new general protection from Banana Boat. This is a new lightweight 2-in-one sunscreen and moisturizer lotion. Just what our skin needs before bathing under the sun.

banana boat sunblock

Apply the after sun gel

Getting a sunburn would be a total off for our summer joy. Still taken from the Banana Boat series, we thought this moisturizing aloe after sun lotion is the perfect thing to apply after a day in the sun. Besides keeping your skin moist it also preserves your tan.

banana boat after sun

Get the perfect lip balm

Chipped lips? It’s a big N-O! Always protect your lips. This Born Lippy Stick Lychee from The Body Shop gives a pop of color on your lips while keeping it cool. We are so in love with the packaging as well. It’s PINK!


Wear floppy hat

Spot this Straw Fluro Stripe Floppy Hat on Top Shop. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

straw floppy hat

Protect your eyes

Check out this cute Steve Madden Print Cat’s Eye from Nordstrom. Really love the distinctive print on the frame!

sunglasses nordstrom

Forget towel, welcome kurta!

The pattern on this Roberta Roller Rabbit Romy kurta is so beautiful. We think that it provides a soothing contrast to the glowing sun and will be a perfect match the blue water in the pool. Don’t you think? Wear this on top of your bikini and steal the limelight from the pool crowd.

kurta piperlime

What are your favorite things to survive summer this year and to keep you in style?

Before you go, check out these timeless tips we found from around the web on how to survive the summer at workplace.


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