Geometric Design Ideas

When “Modernism” and “Minimalism” come together, we see lots of empty space collaborating in the design. Modern art, interior design, and craft run “Simplicity” using the space of nothingness along with simple geometrics.

Modern geometric designs attract us in every fashion these days; in furniture, jewelry, clothing, signs, advertisement, building, etc. These are some of the geometric designs we love:


geometric-interior home  geometric-home  geometric-home2
geometric-home4  geometric-home5
Following is geometric design ideas on furniture:
geometric-furniture1 geometric-furniture2  geometric-furniture3  geometric-furniture5  geometric-furniture4  geometric-furniture6
      geometric-earrings5  geometric-earrings6     geometric-earrings71 
* * *
geometric-necklace  geometric-necklace2    geometric-necklace4
geometric-art  geometric-art2

Simple figures can be the best of art or design. Beauty can be a very simple thing. Wouldn’t you agree?


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