Man of Steel versus Superman

We have seen Man of Steel and  was blown away by Henry Cavill. He is definitely easy on the eyes! At least, although the movie was not a top notch due to excessive explosion-skyscrapper-falling-apart-style and the story that was rolling too fast, the man of steel has kept our eyes stick to the screen right to the end.

Now we are not going to talk over and over about how poorly the movie was or how hot Henry Cavill is. Instead we want to share some facts of Superman that are not there with the Man of Steel.


1. Finally the man evolves into a much more trendy guy and ditches the strand curly hair on his forehead.

2. The bright blue and red are not that striking anymore because the men behind the scene decide to tone the color down. Darker version of blue and red for the superhero costume make him look more powerful and stronger.

3. At last someone has given the superman a norm lesson, that it is not nice to wear your underwear and at the same time display it on public events. He finally wears it underneath (or probably not at all??).

4. Kryptonite is making more sense. It is a planet and it is the atmosphere that makes our hero weak. It is not just an ugly greenish stone that we know of all this time.

5. He is not that awkward nerdy guy anymore. The projection of the man of steel is more of a stylish nerdy guy instead.

Have you seen this movie? What do you think about it?

Check out the most recent news about Henry Cavill here.


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