5 Pinteresting Ways to Store Your Jewelries

People say diamond is a woman’s best friend, we say all kind of jewelry should be a woman’s best friend. Diamond is probably something you would save for special events, and every day jewelry is a different must-have for fashionistas these days.

Having a collection of gorgeous jewelries is a pleasure. Especially if there are beautiful memories attached with them. Even if you don’t have a diamond in your collection, your jewelries are precious and they need to have a proper storage.

When we say storage certainly we are not referring to that ordinary dresser in your bedroom or that jewelry box you have in your closet. We want to think a bit out of the box now and so, after one round of Pinterest visit we have come up with 5 pinteresting ways to store your jewelries.

Items that are used to store the jewelries, which have caught our eyes, are wooden hanger, cheese grater, wooden box that is mounted on the wall, mirror frame with laces and a ladder. Interesting isn’t it?!

 photo Screenshot2013-07-09at22004PM_zps413c897b.png

Pinterest jewelry storage ideas

How do you store your jewelries at home?



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