New House Decorating Tips

So Natasha Burton revealed on Cosmopolitan that more single women buying houses these days. Yes, women outnumber men in this special case. We are definitely very proud. This is what we call girl power!

Incase you are one of those lucky women who finally got their favorite pad you need to check out some quick tips on new house decorating below:

  • Always take your time when buying furniture. Don’t buy everything all at once because you never know what you may find along the way.
  • Do your homework. Check out the local house wares or furniture stores near by to see what are available and the prices. If you are patient you can end up getting awesome things with good price.
  • Big or small, never ever clutter your space. Plan how you will place things and do it accordingly. If you have the budget you may as well hire a professional organizer like Amanda LeBlanc 🙂
  • Color tones are important to create the mood of your space. Bold colors like red or orange can warm the space but at the same time they are pretty ‘loud’ too. If you want to make a cool sanctuary you will want to go for more soothing colors like blue or green or peach.
  • Placing mirrors is a good strategy if you have small space and you want to make it feel spacious.
  • Always start with a focal point that will draw your attention as you enter the room and then it will sort of connect you with the other various elements around.
  • Whatever it is, decorating is always fun. Your house is a reflection of your personality so you have to do it in such a way that everything inside resonates you.

There you go, a special decorating tips from us. Did you decorate your house on your own or use a professional? Please share your story in the comment field because we would love to hear from you!


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