7 Daily Mood Boosters

Have you ever bumped into something that put off your mood completely? and the worst part is that it stays for days in your life! You become anxious of whatever entails and your days feel so blue. You lose your excitement and happiness seems so far away. Waking up to this kind of horror sets the rest of your day in a wrong direction. If it is not handled properly it could go viral right to the bottom of the well.

Maybe the problem is big, or maybe it is nothing at all. But mood swings, we all know that. Therefore here are the 7 mood boosters that you can do daily and help you get your mojo back to get through the day:

1. Smile

Do you know that a smile can bring a thousand lucks in your life? Sounds so simple but if you are not used to it you may find it a bit odd when you do it the first time. However we would like to encourage you to do that, to smile as you wake up. It is a powerful mood uplifting.

2. Take a hot shower

We so love taking a hot shower! We won’t mind to spend hours in there just to enjoy the refreshing hot water touches our skin. The afterward is rewarding because you will feel fresh, relieved and better.

3. Eat, drink and think chocolate


There is something in chocolate that can make people happy. So what is the best thing to start your happiness for the day than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate . Having a chocolate cupcake once in awhile is a guilty pleasure of all. We swear by the old saying that money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a cupcake, and it is pretty much the same thing.

4. Dress up in brights

Some people may not agree with this but we believe you are what you wear. So if you want to set a better mood for your day start it within your outfit. Wear bright colors, just like below set we spot on Polyvore:

Dress up in brights

5. Listen to your favorite song

Music is a universal language. It can make you happy, it can make you sad, it can make you feel anything the music want you to feel. But your favorite song will definitely be the one that can boost your mood the right way.

6. Go to your favorite place

Places that have fine artworks sooth our mind. It soon brings up our spirit to live and if we have bad mood in the day granted it will soon go away too.

7. Wear bold accessories

Maybe bright colors are not your thing. Maybe your mood will be up right away when you wear gorgeous bold accessories to complete your look of the day. Check out the bubble and circle from our Geo collection.

Baby sterling silver bubble necklaceSterling silver bubble earrings

Our wide range of jewelry is mood uplifting for sure. Visit the homepage to see more!

Do you have your own mood booster recipe? Share it with us please if you don’t mind! 🙂


2 thoughts on “7 Daily Mood Boosters

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