How to Clean Antique Brass

Antique brass is among many materials that we love to play with when designing our jewelries. This is the metal that has the most similar look and color to genuine gold with lesser price. Initially people love to go for sterling silver as substitute to gold but now we think everybody has realized that brass can bring out the better shine in gold tone hence you can get the same glorious look as you were wearing genuine gold.

When playing with brass we love to make the one with as much as antique finish as possible. It works very well for chunky and bold statement pieces. Take a look at the necklace below that is from our Geo Collection! Will you agree with us if we say how strong the fashion statement it makes? The Antique Brass Diamond Necklace with Y Shape Chain is one of our favorites for it’s unique diamond shape and the extraordinary chain shape.

Antique Brass Diamond Necklace with Y Shape Chain

Antique Brass Diamond Necklace with Y Shape Chain

Besides the gorgeous look antique brass is also easy on maintenance. Cleaning brass that has antique finish is simpler than cleaning brass in general. All you need to do is add a bit of dish soap into a bowl of warm water and then using your finger or soft toothbrush, remove the grim from the surface of your antique brass jewelry.

Once done you need to rinse it properly and dry it well. As final touch, rub olive oil on your now-cleaned antique brass jewelry. The oil help to retain the brass finish for as long as possible.

Do you clean your metal jewelries regularly? 

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