Nail Polish Don’ts

Nail polish. The ‘liquid’ accessories that we love when everything else fails us. For us nail polish is as important as a mascara. You don’t know how but you just know that they elevate your casual look into a better tone. The fun thing about nail polish is that we get to play with colors. Even nowadays people have become more creative and nail polish has its own art. But does nail polish only a matter of choosing colors and paint some nails?


Nail polish


Here are our 5 top nail polish don’ts for you to considerate when dealing with your nail polish:

1. Don’t start it with your thumb to avoid smudges. Matter of fact your thumbs should be the last to be painted.

2. Don’t keep your nail polish in a room with unstable temperature for instance in the bathroom where your hot shower can change the temperature regularly nor to put it near your heating device.

3. Don’t shake or roll your nail polish bottle to remove the bubble. This action will instead make more bubbles. Apply layer by layer of coat to achieve beautiful finish without any bubble.

4. Don’t store your nail polish bottle sideways because the lacquer will run to the neck of the bottle and make the lid sticky.

5. Don’t overuse nail polish remover on your nail and minimize the contact with your cuticle as it can violently damage your skin and make it dry.

Need a guidance on the nail polish trend 2013? Cosmopolitan has some ideas regarding that. Just click HERE.


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