Office Wardrobe Essentials for New Starters

One of the things that we love when talking about going to work is that we get to dress up in the morning. Choosing what to wear for work is not an easy task but the challenge is what makes it really interesting.

Office wardrobe, especially if you are not in creative job fields, tends to be a little bit boring. Black, white and grey are the safe colors to choose. But guess what? This color combination actually represents what we think of office wardrobe essentials.

Office Essentials

White Shirt

This is the most favorite item in our list. White shirt can easily be mix and matched with other colors. It also looks sophisticated when you want to go for more classic and formal look. You can throw a beautiful striking colored-necklace to lit it up or be playful with the outer part, which is a blazer or cardigan.

Grey Skirt

Grey is an undecided color, we must say. Either you go black or you go white. But for us grey skirt is just as flexible as black skirt because there are so many color to pair with and make us look amazing.

Black Skirt

This is probably the most item that will always be there in our closet. The safest choice. For formal look black is always the best.

Black Pumps

When choosing an office shoes we love to go for a pair of black pumps. Something that is decent and classy to wear to work but at the same time it also rocks informal outfit when we go out afterwork. Black pumps can easily be paired with dark jeans.

Black Handbag

We love colors but if we are to wear something classy and professional a black handbag is a must-have item in your wardrobe. Here we make it as our accessory which will complete the look rather than only to think about the function.

*  *  *

Last but not least we, women, always need a gorgeous small piece of jewelry. Something that will be awesome to combine with any color just like our Sterling Silver Bubble Necklace.

Sterling Silver Bubble Necklace

Click the picture to see the details!

At the end of the day office wardrobe essentials are things that will help you to dress up fast and still looking fabulous no matter what.

Do you have any favorite office wardrobe item?


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