First Date Rules for Single Women

It’s finally weekend!

We are always happy when the week is going towards Friday because that means weekend is around the corner and it is the time to get ready for the party.

Today we are calling all single ladies who are going on a first date this weekend. Aren’t you all excited?! This guy is probably your long time crush who has eventually made a move on you. Or someone you have just met last week and clicked. Whoever it is there is a reason you say yes to his first date invitation and we are sure you can’t wait for it.

First dates are always nerve-wracking. Even though you have been to so many first dates as far as you can remember but they are always felt new. There has never been too ‘experienced’ in term of first dates.

So to ease that heart pumping you are getting right now check out our list of first date rules for women:

1. Don’t be nervous. This is easy said than done but you have to get rid of that nervous feeling. It is normal if you feel like your heart is about to blow or butterflies in your tummy. But trust us, this too shall pass. So take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are going to be just fine.

2. Dress up nice. Don’t show up in vampire costume or trashy outfit. You don’t want to scare him off on first day of getting to know each other, right? Even if it is your favorite outfit for this one night please go with the main stream. Choose something nice that will complement your body and make your overall look stunning.

3. Leave your baggage at home. It means don’t carry anything about your ex’s. Talking about your ex’s on a first date is a big N-O! Not only it will make the situation awkward but it also shows the other party that you are not yet ready to move on.

4. Don’t be someone you are not. This is nothing about the outfit. What we meant is that you need to let yourself out and be honest about who you are.

5. Don’t give him TMI. We hate too much information, especially from someone we barely know. Don’t we all? Although on point 4 we told you to be honest it doesn’t mean you tell him each and everything about your life. Save some for the next date nights!

The five first date rules are probably too general or too common but everyone needs a little reminder once in a while. We hope these simple rules can give you some inner peace before going out there on your first date.

Check out some other first date rules we found on Pinterest:

pinterest first date rules

Good luck! 🙂


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