Top 6 Fun Things to Do Before Summer Ends

to do before summer


Time flies. Just like every other things that happen in this world should come to an end, summer is also not an exception. Well, at least not in this country. With August is moving fast and September is just around the corner, surely summer is nearly ending. Have you done all the things you wanted to do in summer?

These are our top 6 fun things that we would highly recommend you to do before summer ends:

Bike and hike

These are probably the most interesting sports to do during summer. The idea is to get in touch with the nature while burning out that extra weight. Also to shower ourselves with a lot of sunshines while doing that.

Taste at least 5 refreshing summer drinks

They call it summer drinks for reasons. It would feel silly to sip a glass of summer cocktail in winter, wouldn’t it? So, look for as many variety of summer drinks as possible and enjoy them.

Flying high in an air balloon

This one needs no explanation. Flying in an air balloon would be the memorable experience in summer. Imagine the glowing sky as your balloon sets up high. We call it: magical.

Work out that tan

It’s time to get away from those sprays and get the real one!

Water balloon fight

Gather your friends and family, decide on a dress code, stock up beers and wine, and you are ready for your special party. Splish-splashing with water balloon is awesome thing to do in summer. Don’t miss it!

Camp out

Even if it is only at your backyard, camp out with your best friend is the one activity to complete your summer dream. Set a bonfire, enjoy marshmallows and just talk. Girl talks.

Out of the six, which one is your favorite and that has been ticked off of your list?


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