What We Crave for Healthy Desserts

To most women beauty is not only about what people see from the outside but also how things going on in the inside. The truth is both are connected and by connected we meant what happen inside affect the outside.

Keeping ourselves healthy surely will have an effect to our overall appearance. Not only we will feel fresh and happy, our skin will glow, our hair will look better and our body will be energized.

It is common conception that being healthy also relates to body weight control. We are not saying that too much weight is not healthy or the other way around. What we want to say that it is important to keep the balance.

One thing that most women, who are trying to keep their body weight in control, do is to avoid desserts. This is a torture if you have sweet tooth like us! But hey, here is a good news: there are thousands of healthy desserts out there that are still yummy and won’t do any harm to our body.

Followings are what we crave for healthy desserts:

Pineapple Raspberry Parfaits 

Honey-Lime Fruit Cup Greek Yogurt with Oranges and Mint

Banana Oat Choco Chip Fruity Oat Squires

Angela from My New Favorite Outfit is talking about natural beauty HERE, something which we think is relevant with our topic today.

How about you dear fellas, what is your favorite dessert?


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