3D Cube on Tube on PinKixx!

Geometric has been our inspiration in creating our jewelry collection. There is something about it that captures our heart. Sometimes it looks very simple but to us it is the simplicity that makes it powerful and beautiful. That brings us to our collection of Cube on Tube necklace.

Among all jewelries that we design, the Cube on Tube necklaces are one with so many different colors. You can even call them as happy collection for its vibrant color and cute little cube shape remind us of candy.

Cube on Tube necklace has wooden bead that is painted with gorgeous color. The wooden bead, which is in 3D geometric cube design, is inserted with a nylon string in resonating color to the bead. From the romantic coral to the eye-catching lime green we have almost every color in the collection.

Cube on Tube necklaces are mix and match queen. You can either wear it with your cocktail dress or wear it with your casual top, the effect of dressing up will remain.

As a jewelry, these necklaces are very simple and sophisticated. However at the same time this collection can also make a bold statement because of its unique shape. If you look at the variety of colors, this is also something playful enough to complete your fun outfit.

Tube collection is our main collection for PinKixx Jewelry. Cube on Tube necklaces, which are part of our Tube collection, are very modern and delicate. Other than the necklaces we also have Cube on Tube bracelets with beads smaller than the one for the necklaces.

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 11.47.31 PM

A Cube on Tube Necklace

Cube on Tube Bracelets

Cube on Tube Bracelets

Check out our website to learn more about the collection!


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