Cupcake Highlights

We are always excited when the weekend arrives. After days of hard work, it is time to sit back and relax, and of course, a little celebration over this week’s achievement is always a mood booster.

What is in your mind when we talk about little celebration? In ours, it’s cupcakes time!

Some wise people said money can’t buy happiness, but it surely can buy cupcakes, and it’s just as good. Don’t you agree?

Today we want to highlight a couple of cupcakes because they have a distinctive feature that we find very interesting and love:

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cupcakes

cupcakes cosmopolitan

We loved Sex and the City. Not the movie, but the TV series. The picture of Carrie Bradshaw sipping Cosmopolitan never gets too old. So of course, Cosmopolitan Cocktail Cupcakes sounds sexy and entertaining. (Click on the picture for recipe)

Tiny Teddy Cupcakes

cupcakes teddy

Everyone needs a little Teddy to cuddle at night. Our Teddy is indeed a delicious one! (Click on the picture for recipe)

Coffee Cupcakes

cupcakes coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? The ultimate boost for alertness. (Click on the picture for recipe)

Chocolate Cupcakes

cupcakes chocolate

This one is probably the most classic among all the cupcakes highlights, but the reason why we chose this particular cupcakes is because it is so dark, it reminded us the word: Gothic. What does it remind you of? (Click on the picture for recipe)

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