2013 Fall Fashion Must Haves for Uni Students

The Fall semester or quarter has just started. Maybe not everyone is excited to be back on that wagon again after a great and relaxing Summer vacation, but for us, new semester means new things. By new things, we mean pretty much everything from the outfit to the school bag and all the school essentials. Yes, it is shopping time!!

We, PinKixx, picked up some of 2013 Fall fashion must haves for college students:

Fall Fashion

Biker Jacket

Leather is one of the Fall trends of 2013 and so is the biker jacket. So we combine the two trends and put the leather biker jacket on our top list.

Patterned Pants

This one is also a hit in 2013. We all need patterned pants, and today we chose geometrical style! Patterned pants are also in Cosmopolitan’s list of what to buy this Fall.

Dark Nail Polish

Cool weather is always associated with dark colors. The 2013 trend actually goes for something bright and vibrant but in Fall season, a dark nail polish gives a perfect twist to your overall look.


Amaze your friends by wearing a pair of awesome boots, be it the ankle boots or knee-high boots. This is one of the must haves in the Fall all the way to Winter that will never be outdated. If you want you can chose the one in suede because it is the shoe material that is trending for Fall 2013.


Throw that gorgeous shawl on your shoulder and stay warm in style!

Messenger Bag

We love messenger bags because they are so simple, practical and perfect for busy school days.

And….last but definitely not the least:

Our Forest Green Cube Necklace!

Forest Green Cube Necklace

Click Here!

This is one of our Tube Collection that is perfect to complete your school outfit. Green is the shade for Fall 2013 and when it comes in 3D geometrical shape, that’s even better isn’t it? Forest Green Cube Necklace is a stylish and hip jewelry piece, very light, smooth and delicate. It is a uniquely handmade jewelry that works for ladies and gents.

For more items please surf around our website!


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