DIY Bracelets Ideas

PinKixx is all about simple, geometric and modern handmade jewelries for women. For us a jewelry is not just something to complete an outfit. As matter of fact, most of the time we think of the jewelry as the main style or fashion on someone’s look because it can really dress you up or dress you down.

A bracelet for example, when you throw something simple while wearing vibrant outfit it can tone the loudness down and when you wear a gorgeous bling bling big bracelet while wearing a casual attire, it will add some statement to your overall style. The thing is you may have something in common with us that we don’t always love those mass jewelries displayed in stores. The good news is if you can’t find something that suits your taste you can go for the most convenient way of all: make it yourself!

On Pinterest we found tons of info-graphics that show you how to make DIY bracelets. Amongst those we fancy, here are two of them (Please click on the picture to get you to the original Pinterest source!):

DIY bracelets pin1

DIY bracelets Pin2

We have also taken our time to look around the net for some DIY bracelets ideas. To be honest, it wasn’t hard at all. There are so many talented and creative bloggers that are kind enough to share their skill and knowledge in making their own bracelets. If you want to create your own bracelets, you can visit these sites below:

Honestly WTFshe enlisted DIY bracelet tutorials

Style Motivationcame with 15 DIY bracelet ideas

Good Ideas For Youfeatured almost all kind of DIY bracelets you can find

But remember, when it becomes all too much you can always go to PinKixx website and find the bracelet you like. For example this stylish and hip Best Friend Bracelet, which would be nice to share with your BFFs:

PinKixx Best Friend Bracelet

Click Here!

As we said before, our jewelries are handmade and we have a very strong vision about each one of them. Hence none of our collection is really a mainstream. They are all unique!


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