Fall Fashion Must-Haves for Office Chics

Something shiny, something pinky, floral and animal prints are the direction we are going to for this year’s Fall fashion must-haves for office chics. As we mentioned on our previous post, the style this Fall is about vibrant color, leathery and oversized-clothes too. With a way of thinking out of the box we gather some must-have items to make you look fabulous on work days. Granted with these items in your wardrobe getting up and dressing up for work in the morning won’t be the same anymore.

Winter Floral

Winter floral print is in again. This time we are lucky to find this gorgeous dress in floral print with pink accent. Obviously, completed with your heel and sleek bag, this style is perfect to brighten your Monday morning!

The second look is kind of taking inspiration from a bellman uniform matched with a crop pant, still in winter floral print, and then toned up with the pump. This is one complete outfit that we would say: refreshing.

Office Autumn

When the weather is freezing enough, throw a boucle jacket to keep you warm. It brings the classic look in trendy style, especially when you match it with animal printed heels. Chic and sleek!

Of course, as the final touch you should not forget about the jewelry!

Jewelry plays important role on your overall outfit, whether you want to tone it up or tone it down. But the Gold Tree of Life Necklace from our Modern Jewelry collection certainly makes a bold statement on any outfit you wear. It is so shiny, made of 24k gold over bronze, just like a golden sunshine in the afternoon.

PinKixx Gold Tree of Life Necklace

Click Here

If you already have some of the must-haves for office chics we recommend to you this Fall, it’s time to shop for the jewelries. Find out more about our collection on our website, www.pinkixx.com.


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