How to Stay Fresh in a Long Flight

Going in a long flight is always boring. Tell us if you disagree but imagine how it is like being confined in a closed space for more than 8 hours with no chance to get out! No matter how good the in-flight entertainment is all you want to do is to catch some sleep. Of course the last thing you want to experience is waking up close to landing time with bleak mascarra and messy hair.


Have you ever wondered how Miley Cyrus goes around the world with these flights and always manages to look paparazzi ready as soon as she stepped out of the flight? Well, even if you don’t have a bunch of stylist tailing you around you surely can look as fresh with the following tips:

1. Always have a mini make up case handy with you. You may want to slip in some cotton to your mini case. It will help to wipe off the bleaked mascarra in no time.

2. Wear waterproof mascara. It won’t bleak so much.

3. Keep your make up simple. Heavy eye make up is not recommended. Let alone fake eyelashes.

4. Don’t tie your hair. Let it loose while on the flight. Keep a hair brush handy. You will need it to brush your hair before getting off of the plane.

5. Get enough sleep but do not forget to get up once in a while to do some leg stretching by walk around your seat. Even if you are only standing you will feel refreshed instantly.

6. Wash your face. Feel the water touches your skin.

7. Brush your teeth and pop some mint to freshen up your breath.

8. Keep your moisturizer and hand lotion handy. Apply it gently just in time before the plane touches down.

9. Wear comfortable clothes and keep one or two extras in your bag so you can change in between.

You do all the nine points and granted your will stay fresh during the long flight. Amaze whoever comes to pick you up by looking fresh and fabulous even when you just get out from a long boring flight.

One thing you should not forget is to always include some jewelry in your outfit.

Meet this gorgeous Long Open Cube Necklace, one of our Geo Collection that is very versatile and made of antique brass. It looks so simple but the geometrical shape it has is powerful enough to make the most casual clothes look chic and stylish.


This is the jewelry that you want to wear in one of your long flights because it is so simple yet fashionable.

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Have a safe and refreshing flight!


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