Does Friendship Between Man and Woman Exist?

friendshipSome people say there is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But these people believe that a friendship between a man and a woman is actually one-sided love. One of them has a feeling for the other one and the feeling is contained because he/she is afraid it will ruin the friendship in the end if it ever comes out.

Do you believe this?

Actually we have noticed that this thing has been represented through so many series of movies from time to time. Did you remember Dawson’s Creek? Joey and Dawson has been friends, like forever, but turns out Joey has been keeping a feeling for him all along.

Did you remember Friends? (oh yeah that one TV series is surely hard to go away!). It was fascinating to see the dynamic of Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Moreover, when it got complicated as Joey also developed a feeling for Rachel.

Fast forwarded to todays’ life, the story between Robin and Barney in How I Met Your Mother could be a good example how a friendship finally evolves into a real relationship.

It is a bit difficult to define the line. Especially because friendship between man and woman is likely more intense. As a woman you have a man who will be there for you when you need him the most, someone who drives you around, keeps you company in a boring day and be so close and warm without any commitment of being exclusive.

We would like to put it this way: it’s like having a boyfriend but you get to share everything about your crush and he won’t get jealous. That sounds fun doesn’t it? But if you are not careful enough about your own feeling you may find yourself gets carried away and suddenly all you know you get very upset when he is talking about his crush.

In addition to that, how many girlfriend will allow their boyfriend get so close with other girls?

Now the question is, again back to square one, does that kind of friendship really exist?

We would love to hear your opinion about this. Please shoot!

Meanwhile, if you are ever in a situation where you have fallen in love with your own best friend and you know he doesn’t have the same feeling, here are some tips for you:

1. Act normal. It is easily said than done but you must be strong. If this person is so important to you then you may want to keep him forever in your life, even if that means you and him will just only be friends.

2. Try to reduce the intensity. Find other activity that doesn’t involve him.

3. Hang out more with your girlfriends.

4. Leave town. If you are leaving in a small town where you will just keep bumping at him on daily basis, probably it is time to start pursuing your dream and moving on to other city. It will be hard at first but over time this too shall pass.

5. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to forget him you just can’t. In this case what you need is a closure. So you need to hold your head up high and face the truth. Tell him about your feeling and be brave for whatever may come.

Do you have any other tips to share?


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