Gold Jewelry Buying Guide

lucky 7 gold nugget necklace

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Most women love jewelries. We love the feeling that comes up when trying to find out which jewelries will click our need. When we find the jewelries that we love, it feels like we have found our soul mate. Indeed buying a jewelry can be a delightful experience. The excitement even elevates when we go for a gold jewelry because gold is considered to be one of the most precious metals. Hence buying a gold jewelry is also seen as a way of investing money.

Gold is precious because not only it is durable but also it retains its value and it is timeless. You can wear it now or within couple of years from now it will not outdate or lose its glow. Whatever your wear or whenever you wear it, gold will always add some luxury and style on your look.

Buying gold is expensive. Gold is valued by its purity and weight. Because of this reason you should be very careful when buying a gold jewelry. Today we would like to share with you our gold jewelry buying guide:

– Before buying a gold jewelry you need to understand about the measurement of this particular metal. Gold is measured by karat and the karat also determine the durability of gold jewelry you want to buy. The higher the karat is the softer the gold. This is due to the nature of pure gold that is soft. Lower karat level means the gold jewelry has higher mixture of other metal hence it adds durability in the formula. Soft gold is not good for everyday wear.

– The information about the karat level is normally available behind or at the back/inner part of the jewelry. We call it the hallmark.

– A gold jewelry is also priced based on the weight, which is measured by grams. The more weight it has the more expensive the price. You should check the per-gram-price of gold in the market before you go for buying one. Therefore you would know how much you are ready to spend for a piece of gold jewelry.

– Do your homework and only buy your gold jewelries from a trusted shop.

– Only buy your gold jewelries from a shop that provides the certificate of authenticity. This certificate will come in handy when you want to return the jewelries or re-sell it.

– There are gold jewelries that are plated or filled. Same as gold karats, there are different plates and filled, such as 24k plated or 14k gold filled, and the price will be depending on how much gold is involved in the item. Gold plated or filled is economical way to purchase gold jewelry, and a lot of fashion jewelry is gold filled or plated. Gold filled usually lasts longer due to how it was processed. If you are looking for something not expensive yet gives the same glow as solid gold, a plated or filled gold jewelry can be a great option.

Lucky 7 Gold Nugget Necklace is one of PinKixx’s stylish gold jewelry from our Modern Collections. This is a great gold jewelry for everyday wear.

Lucky 7 Gold Nugget Necklace is modern jewelry made with 7 gold plated nuggets on a 14k gold filled cable chain. It is a good luck charm for all young ladies on birthday, graduation as well as christmas.

We hope that these guides are useful to you and that you will use them when you shop for gold jewelry. Please look around and let us know which gold jewelry you like best!


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