Applying Mascara the Right Way

Mascara is every woman’s best friend. We’d say it is the magic behind beautiful eyes. You can do your eye make up using all the gorgeous colors you can find but if you left it without mascara it will miss the “WOW” factor.

To have a good quality of mascara is important but applying it the right way is the one that will make a difference to your eyes. It doesn’t matter whether you have short-straight eye lashes or the long-curly ones. How you apply your mascara can make your eyes either pop or dull.

The first thing you need to know before applying mascara is the color. For effortless look during daytime our favorite is the colorless one. If you have light-colored eye lashes brown mascara can be your choice for evening look. For dark colored-eye lashes black is the color that will complete your eye make up perfectly.

A good quality mascara is not only determined by its’ price, brand or color but also the type of the brush. The eye make up consultant from where you are buying your mascara is usually more than happy to let you know which type of brush can do what effect to your eyes.




Once you have the mascara that suits your need, this is how you applying your mascara the right way:

1. Make sure you have completed putting all other eye make up before applying mascara.

2. Some people say you need to curl your eye lashes before applying mascara. Some other say it’s the other way around. We would say go for both, whichever suits you. But our favorite is to do the curling before applying the mascara. We are not really fond of curling our eye lashes after mascara because it tends to get sticky.

3. Always look down when applying mascara.

4. Start brushing it on the upper part of the eye lashes as you are looking down and then open up your eyes, look up and start brushing the eye lashes up.

5. When applying mascara always starts from the roots of the eye lashes.

6. Use the eye lashes comb to remove the heavy pile of mascara from your eye lashes and make the color even.

7. The comb can also be used to separate some of eye lashes that stick together.

…and those are your eye make up secret from us, applying mascara the right way.

Now tell us something, is mascara your must-apply make up on daily basis?


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