Buying Handmade Guide

Most people will come up with similar reason when asked why they’d rather go for buying handmade items. Either they have a thing with anything crafty (and handmade) or they feel a connection with the artists who make that particular items. Almost everybody will agree that buying handmade is not only about the feeling that we have towards that item but also because we all know handmade items are filled with love, passion and talent.

Pink cube necklaceWhen an artist makes something it is rarely due to a market demand. Sometimes the piece is actually an expression of his own feeling. Hence it is not surprising that handmade items are mostly more pricey compared to the retail ones. All the effort, the time, the skill, the love and the inspiration that are put into a particular thing handmade are those that determine how much it would cost.

There are so many artists these days, flooding the market with their creativity. It is getting harder to choose which is your favorite one because almost all of them are good. However on the other hand, because the number is adding up it is also so easy for a store to tag their products as handmade even if they are not.

Therefore, here are couple of things you can use as your own buying handmade guide:

* When you shop in a store that said ‘handmade’, check how many products they have within one type or category. Handmade items are also known for its exclusiveness. So if you happen to be in a new story with too many things that are very similar within sort period of time, you need to have that question mark on your head.

* Items handmade are usually made by an artist. This artist will have their own style in creating things and that style is like a trademark for all of their creation. They would also leave their identity within the product, something that will define them from the other artists.

* Handmade are expected to be high in quality. This is a product that is made out of love and passion, and not a mass production. No artist wants to make defect products. However don’t forget too that because it is handmade there is no such thing called accuracy like what you can get when making things with machine. But the flaw in a handmade item is what makes it beautiful.

* There is no right or wrong in buying a handmade. It is up to a personal feeling. You will have your own judgement or balance whether the item worths your money and time.

* Be careful of reseller fake-claiming their products to be handmade. The safest way to buy handmade is directly from the artist who makes it.


We hope that our handmade buying guide can help you making a decision to buy one. If you are looking for handmade jewelries, especially with unique geometric designs, you can always go to our home page, PinKixx.

Last but definitely not the least, happy shopping!


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