Foods that Rejuvenate Skin

An old saying “you are what you eat” is probably not exaggerating when talking about someone’s intakes reflect on his body and skin. The truth is our health is only as good as the way we eat.

eating healthy

Our skin is the part of our body that will easily show how reckless our eating habit is. When we don’t take care our food intakes over time our skin will send signals like fast aging, dull, uneven tone, full of acne and then last thing we know it is hard for us to get back to that golden age.

So before we are hit with ugly reality it is very important to start watching what we eat and what the impact to our skin. Fruits and vegetables are surely very important for our health overall. But what are those foods that rejuvenate skin?

The Anti Aging

Aging is one scary thing for women. No one wants to age, even though it is always good to grow old gracefully but still, every woman wants to delay aging. Tomatoes, yoghurt, sweet potatoes, peppers and oatmeals are five samples of foods that prevent wrinkles from your skin. Both retains vitamin, especially vitamin C, which is very good to wipe off wrinkles. Even some experts say that eating sweet potatoes regularly for three years can reduce wrinkles up to 11 percents. Magical!

The Sparklers

Flawless skin means clean and sparkling. Some people are gifted with no acne but to have a radiant skin that glows is not easy. Sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables are known to be the dull skin fighters. Sunflower seeds are loaded with vitamin E that protects skin for the sun and green leafy vegetables are rich of antioxidants and nutrients that make our skin happy and sparkle.

The Acne Protection

Everybody hates acne. In small number it is annoying and in large number they are worrisome. Stay away from acne by having kidney beans or seafoods that are rich with zinc, the acne fighter.

There still are so many samples of foods that rejuvenate skin. The secret is to keep everything in good balance. Maintain a good eating habit, have those foods that rejuvenate skin on your daily meal, and grant that you will look radiant, healthy and happy.

Tell us which food you have to pay more attention to in the comment. πŸ™‚



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