Power Style Dos at Workplace

Dressing up for work sometimes can be quite a challenge for most of us. It is not only about picking up the right outfit but also about picking up the right style that will work best for the job that we do as well as for our own comfort and confidence. No matter how casual our workplace environment is we still need to carry professionalism in what we wear because like it or not people tend to judge our work performances from the way we look.

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What is too casual and how much is too much? Here are the power style dos at workplace:

Do learn about the office dress code

Some workplaces enforce office dress code. The code can come in a form of colors or style like no trousers or blazer is a must. Therefore in order to avoid being out of place or worst, getting a warning letter for not being compliant with the company’s policy, always learn about the office dress code much before hand when you start a new job.

Do wear colors

Black is always the safest color when talking about work attire. Sometimes for a refreshing change you need to be playful without leaving the dress code corridors set by your company. Play with colors because there is no right or wrong for combining them. Try the current trend of pink and orange!

Do wear heels that pop

Flats are good for holiday or for spending relaxing time on weekend but they are never proper for office look. Heels always give a sense of elegance, professional and make your posture better. Wear them for some twists in your style. For example if you are wearing a monochrome look, wear an eye-catching color for the heels to fight the boredom. Tips: don’t wear super high heels though, they can hurt your feet in a long run.

Do everything in right proportion

Your top outfit should be perfectly fitted you without being too tight. Your skirt should be in the right length, not too short nor too long. The idea is that you want to look sexy but not trashy.

Do wear accessories

However don’t let the accessories take over your entire look. Pick the accessories that will make your style professional-powerful. Wear something simple, classy and beautiful.

Do adjust your undies

That panty lines are big NO NO! Make sure you check out your entire look before going out through that door.

And of course the most important thing of all, do keep it comfy. Just because you need to be compliant with the office dress code doesn’t mean you have to loose your very own style. Be experimental. Be courageous to try out new things. But the bottom line is clear that you should feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing.

Remember, first impression lasts forever!

What is your favorite style for work?


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