Walk Your Dream in Style

A pair of shoes has landed Cinderella a happy ever after life. You may not be a Cinderella but if you are pursuing a career of your dream, a pair of shoes can give the same impact. Only last week we have talked about Power Style Dos at Workplace, some tips that hopefully can make you stand out amongst your peers (after all, dress to impress is an unwritten work dress code worldwide!). Today, we want to share how to walk your dream in style.

When preparing for our dream job interview we all know it’s all excited and scary at the same time. We want everything to be perfect and surely, we must dress to the nine. Now what happen when we finally land to that dream job? The next goal is definitely to grow a career. Not easy, especially when we are surrounded by tough competitors.

But there is always a start for everything. So, let us start with a beautiful pair of shoes!

Good shoes don’t tire your feet easily, very comfortable to walk with even for longer hours or longer distance, don’t give you blister or ankle strain. They should give you confidence when you walk in them. Here are shoes that will go perfectly well with various outfit at work:

Ankle Booties – LBD is your little ankle boot’s best friend. But for work outfit let’s go for something more settle like the pipe pants and oversized blazer.

Ankle booties for work


Pointy Black Heels – Pencil skirt is perfect combo for this type of shoes. It makes your leg look longer and it elevate your posture better.

Shoes to work


The Pump – boot-cut and palazzo are awesome with the pump shoes. Wear this to achieve professional look without being too formal.


Wedges – For you who are pursuing career in creative field, there is no boundaries set for your look options. You just want to go for more creative, more refreshing and less boring. Hence a pair of wedges can be a nice change to the usual formal shoes.

Creative wedges

Bottom line, we suggest that you always wear heels to work. Stick to short or medium height though, but we don’t recommend flats to walk your dream job with.
Remember, the right shoes can pave your way to success!


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