Energy Saving Secrets

Energy is easily available whenever we need it. That’s why most of the time it is taken for granted. We often forget that most of the energy sources that we depend on can’t be replaced. If we are not wise in using our energy probably one day we will end up with no energy sources.

We also know that energy doesn’t come for free. The use of energy has been greatly increasing but some of the usage is actually wasting of it. Wasting of energy equals to wasting of money. You will be surprised how much you will save when running an energy saving program for the entire month.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Today we will not talk about those general saving energy ideas, for instance turning off the light when you leave a room or turning off the television when you are not watching it, and so on. Today we will share the energy saving secrets that most of you probably haven’t thought about it before.

  • Cut your cooling cost by reducing your AC use and opt for a fan, or a ceiling fan. They use a lot less electricity compared to an air conditioning unit.
  • Don’t over-stuff your refrigerator. Too much items kept in the refrigerator makes it work extra to cool them off. This extra work takes a lot of electricity.
  • Opening your refrigerator too often also uses up more electricity.
  • Do you like to keep your phone charger plugged even when you are not charging your phone? Take them out because it keeps the electricity running! When you are not using any electronic devices make sure you unplug them.
  • Put a bottle of water inside your toilet tank. The water volume in a toilet tank is managed by a floating device. By placing a bottle of water you camouflage the water volume needed hence you can save the water.
  • Only run your dish washer when it’s fully loaded.
  • Do you know that the used water from your coffee machine can kill the wild grass in your backyard?
  • Change all your bulb with energy saving LED lights.
  • Recycle the papers. Use both sides before you take a new clean sheet to work with.
  • Stop the water flow when you are brushing your teeth. This will make you save a gallon per minute!

Saving energy is not only about saving money but also to improve our green lifestyle that at the end of the day it will save the earth.

What’s your saving energy secret?




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