5 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie had astonished the world when she came out about her ordeal with breast cancer risk. As someone who genetically had  a high cancer risk she surely didn’t look forward to the decease and decided to take the bravest step that no one would have had the guts to do it: double mastectomy. This way she has brought down the potential risk to almost zero.

The double mastectomy she did was not far away from Giuliana Rancic’s. Hence when the news broke we couldn’t help to think whether this was the right solution. Double mastectomy might be the drastic move we could do to remove our risk of breast cancer but before we actually go for it there are various things we can do that’s less drastic.

breast cancer awareness1image source: pinterest

In order to  take part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, followings are the 5 tips for reducing your risk of breast cancer:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

We may all know how smoking can increase our risk of cancer, including breast cancer. However maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only about to stay away from smoking.  Healthy lifestyle means you should stay away from the cigarette smoke too, have enough sleep every day, maintain a steady body weight by watching your daily food intake and of course, stay away from alcohol.

2. Walk regularly

There are evidence over the years that exercise is reducing cancer risk, including breast malignancies. But what kind of exercise that actually gives the impact hasn’t been clear until recent study reveals that women who choose walking as their exercise reduce their risk of breast cancer significantly.

3. Drink green tea

Your chance to reduce risk of breast cancer is only as far as your kitchen cabinet where you stash your green teas. Have one or two fresh brewed green tea everyday can keep the breast cancer away.

4. Avoid unnecessary x-rays

You don’t have to x-rays everything if not suggested by your doctor. The radiation from x-rays you are exposed to can improve risk of breast cancer.

5. Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfeeding is one easiest way for women to reduce risk of breast cancer. This topped with having children below 35 years old are perfect combination to wave the breast cancer goodbye.


No one wants to have cancer. Hence besides doing the above tips, we also recommend you to keep up with your regular check ups. Although mammogram test is not recommended for women below 40 if you have the gene of cancer in your family an early test is always better.


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