Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s any day now before Halloween is finally here. Are you excited to welcome this annual festivity?

We find it so exciting to dress up the house for Halloween. It’s not that hard to find ideas from around the web considering the amount of people talk about it is unbelievable. But at the same time it can get a bit overwhelming too to find which decorations suit you.

Worry not! Our choice of awesome DIY Halloween decorations may ease your pain in finding the right Halloween decoration for your home.

undead pumpkins

Source: Pinterest

Jack O Lantern is too ‘normal’ for us. We fell in love with these undead pumpkins by Martha Stewart. They are the perfect blend of being spooky and being cutie.


Source: Pinterest

Too good to be true! Isn’t this stocking with stuffing and rubber spiders awesome?

Halloween pompoms

Source: Pinterest

When we saw these little Halloween pompoms our heart literally melted!

Oh well, what can we say? Handmades are always better!

With these awesome DIY Halloween decorations at your place we’re sure you are now officially ready to throw a gorgeous Halloween party.

Tell us, what’s your favorite Halloween decoration this year?


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