Gift Guide for Co-Workers

Finding a gift for co-workers can be tricky. Regardless our good intention behind the gesture if we are not careful in selecting the type of gift we are giving we can be trapped in an awkward situation with that particular co-worker.

There aren’t any specific rules in term of gift giving at a workplace. However any gift for co-workers is likely to send a message about how you perceive the co-workes or about who you are. Hence, to break you free from the headache we have put together some gift guide for co-workers that we hope will help you out in this holiday season.

Casing for mobile phone is awesome as a gift for your co-workers. Click here.

Casing for mobile phone is awesome as a gift for your co-workers. Click here.

Check out the company policy

Turns out giving a gift in a professional environment such as a workplace is not as simple as we may think it is. Some companies have a very strict policy regarding gift giving between co-workers. Therefore you may want to check with your company beforehand.

Thoughtful but not personal

When giving a gift to a co-worker we have to put in mind his/her likes and dislikes however something that is very personal can send a wrong message. Never ever give a gift that is related to self-hygiene, body odor, appearance or even something that can create a cultural (or even religion) clash.

Play safe is always better

Without omitting the point of being thoughtful sometimes we think that it is always better to play safe when it comes to giving a gift for co-workers. Safe gifts can be something that can enhance the person’s work desk or a gift card from his/her coffee shop, or maybe a basket of delicious delicacies.

Don’t spend more than you can afford

Plan your budget and work around it to find the right gift for co-workers. Don’t push it too hard if you can’t afford it. A good co-worker will appreciate any gift comes her way if he/she can feel the sincerity behind it and how much thoughts have been put into it.


At the end of the day work is always professional and is less personal. When giving a gift to a co-worker never expect something in return or that he/she will do the same thing to you. In addition to that, we must remember that gift giving is meant to build a stronger relationship with those people we work with and not the other way around.

Have you ever received a gift from co-workers that put you in discomfort situation?


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