5 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting at Your Desk Working

Having a busy life sometimes means we can’t always have time to do all the things that we are supposed to do. How many of you who go to work early in the morning only to come home in the late evening being all exhausted that you don’t have extra energy left to do other things? Not only late night hang out with girl friends becomes an effort to squeeze in your hectic schedule but to live healthy such as going to the gym is quite difficult too.

We’re supposed that we are in this together when gym membership has gone to completely a toss. We are there on the list but never really use it. In between all the deadlines we feel that Saturdays and Sundays are better used for relaxing and taking a layback time. Going to the gym is hardly an option. Even worst that sometimes most of us also work on Saturdays.

Exercising at your work desk is one great option you are left with when no gym visit is possible during the entire week or even month. If your nature of work requires you to sit down the whole day do take a time couple of minutes a day to get up from your chair and to just walk around. This is good to let your blood circulation running smoothly.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Image courtesy: Pinterest

When you are chased by deadlines you are most likely to sit all day long working at your desk. This situation should not stop you from doing exercise to keep you fit and healthy. Here are 5 exercises you can do while sitting at your desk working:

1. Shoulder stretch

Stretch your right arm in front of you crossing your chest as if you were grabbing something from your left, bring your left arm under and in front of your right arm. Gently hug your right arm toward your chest. Repeat with the arm reversed. Then, relaxed your arms, let them hang loosely at your side and slowly roll your shoulder back 10 times and the other way around for another 10 times.

2. Work your core and arms

Sit in your chair, legs crossed and feet on the seat. Place your hands on the armrest, suck in your gut and try to raise yourself just couple of inches above. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat five times with 30 seconds intervals.

3. Stomach workout

Sit straight on your chair, pull your shoulder at the back. Place your hands on the armrest or just at your side. Lift your knees and bring them up to your chest and then bring them back down. Try doing this for 2 set of 12.

4. Lower body strength

This is almost similar to number three with a little twist. Sit in your chair, extend one leg out in front of you and hold it for 2 seconds. Then raise it up and hold it for another 2 second. Repeat this for the other leg and do it all 15 times.

5. Arm behind head stretch

Sit straight in your chair, put both arms behind your head and interlock your fingers. Move the elbows toward each other, lean back into the stretch, breathe in and hold it for 20 seconds and then breath out. Repeat at least 5 times.


We hope the 5 exercises at your work desk above can give you the most benefit and take you to a healthier life. Remember, being busy is good but never forget to spare your time to do exercise, even if you have to do it while sitting at your work desk working.

Do you have favorite move for exercising behind your work desk?


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