We Support This Year…

There are many charities and non-profit organizations people support. So much we have to do, So many who need our help. We can’t do all or everything, but at least, we do our best, right?

PinKixx supports non-profit organizations for women/girls, children, and people with disabilities. Did you know, a part of all of our sales goes to charities, all year around? This year, PinKixx is supporting local charities, “UCP Wheels for Humanity” and “ARC” – Activities Recreation & Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.


From Photobucket (by ashlie514)

Our CCO, Genie, has been involved with organizations that help people with disabilities for years. She is passionate about helping others in needs and goes to non-profit organizations where people need volunteers to help others. We researched specifically for local charities this time to connect with, and “UCP Wheels for Humanity” and “ARC” came to the light. Their offices are both in local area for us to visit, and they are very inspired in helping other in needs.

The two organizations stand for these purposes:

“ARC…stands for the purpose of promoting the welfare, protection, education & advancement of individuals with developmental disabilities. It is designed to assess the ability & potential of each person, then develop and implement a regimen of activities calculated to help achieve his/her full potential for mental, emotional, physical & spiritual development.”

“UCP Wheels for Humanity, founded in 1996, increases access to mobility for children, teens and adults with physical disabilities in developing countries. Our goal is to make strategic investments in communities that leverage existing capacities and empower local stakeholders.”

From PinKixx’s trunk shows, craft shows, private parties, and online sales, all of our sales help our friends.

What do you stand for to give and help others this year? Please share them in the comment.


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