Gift Guide for Family Members

Picking up a gift for our loved ones sometimes can be a tough job. Somehow it is a lot more easier to pick up a gift for our co-workers than for family members because family they don’t hesitate to tell you whether your gift is awesome or not. So while you are having your shopping list on hands please check out the gift guide for family members that we have put together for you.

Gift for family members should carry a sentimental value that really connects you. When writing your gift shopping list this holiday season you need to think carefully about your family members’ likes and dislikes and whether the gift you are going to give them will make them happy and appreciate it. Gifts for family members should be memorable and thoughtful.

Are you still not done yet with your holiday shopping list? Pay attention to following gift guide for family members:


A gift that is mind-blowing for a mom is something beautiful but also functional. A set of chinaware can make her happy but a beautiful dress or a bright accessories, or something to do with her kitchen will make her even happier. Real Simple has made a list of best gifts for mom in 2013 that you should check it out before finalizing your shopping list!


A great book makes a good companion. Check out our list of 10 books to read before this year is over because one of those book can make a great gift for your sisters. If your sisters are more into fashion and style, gorgeous jewelry that are unique, simple and not a mainstream like the Sterling Silver Word Necklace or Spike Hoop Earring from PinKixx collection can be the perfect gift for them.

PinKixx Sterling Silver Word Necklace

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PinKixx Spike Hoops Earring

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Sloan Chouest has made an interesting pin board that collects gift ideas for brothers. Whether it is for younger brother or the elder one, her gift ideas seems to fit all of them. Below is one of the item featured in the board:

Courtesy: Pinterest

Courtesy: Pinterest


Gifts for dad should be something unique and unusual. Uncommon Goods has done a very good job in keeping a list of all of them. A personalized whiskey barrel or handmade shark slippers are one a few examples from the list. Make sure you visit the site before you go for holiday gift shopping.

And that’s a wrap! What’s your gift for your family member this holiday season? Please share at comment below if you don’t mind!


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