How to Look Good in Photos

Kim Kadarshian once said that her slimmer face on photographs was not without an effort. She shared her tips about how to make your face looked smaller and longer in photos. Her tips? To lower down your chin, pull it closer to your neck and pose. This is the similar trick that is used by Victoria Beckham. Just take a look at their photos on the web.

So the message is actually very clear: looking good in photos indeed take an effort. Of course to by pass everything you can always resort to photoshop but before that happen let’s make it all natural first. After all it is not too hard to look good in photos!

Be ready for the camera

Wisdom words believe that women show their natural beauty in the morning just after they wake up. Yes we agree to that but it is definitely not enough for us to be photographed in that “natural beauty” face. When you know that you are going to be photographed be ready for the camera. Put on nice clothes, a little make up and wear your confidence.

Pose for the Camera

Know your best angle

This should come along the way. After sometimes you will know what is your best angle for a photo shoot. You can also practice in front of a mirror.

Accentuate your strength

We all have some parts of our body that are least favorite. Some of us hate our nose, some of us hate our leg, and the list continues. When you are photographed you should not focus on what are least favorite. Instead do accentuate your strength. For example if you have heavier arms don’t keep them tight by your side. Put them on your waist, spread your elbow towards the outside and pose. Your clothes and accessories can also help you accentuate your best asset. Chose your clothes wisely and always have one or two jewelries accessorize your overall look to add the glam.

Get dressed for photos!

Get dressed for photos!

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Arranged for a candid look

Candid photos are always interesting but it can be a burden if it is taken from the wrong angle. Therefore try to have arranged candid photos. The images of you doing something is more interesting than images of you posing for the camera.

The don’ts

No matter how trending it is please don’t get used to make that ‘smooching’ lips pose. After some times it does get old. Also avoid doing that victory sign with your finger every time you are photographed. It has become all too ‘safe’ and awkward at the same time. And unless you are a model doing photo shoot for some magazine or catalogue please refrain from putting too much make up on your face.

Now tell us, do you have some more tips to look good in photos? Please share with us in comment below!


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