Wine Selection for Holiday Visit

Year-end holiday has been always about sharing a bunch of joys with celebration that involves food and entertaining. It is the time when friends and family get together to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the two big things that make December a long awaited festive month.


Just like when we talk about our own Pinkixx Jewelry collection that will have the character such as geometrical, simple and colorful to be in the subject, when we talk about food and entertaining during holiday certainly we can’t leave the wines out of the subject. Big holiday meals always include different side dishes that add various of lovely flavors at the table. Hence it is important to have some food friendly wines handy to match with those flavors. In safer side our recommendation for good holiday wines includes the five basics, which are Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir for the red wines; sauvignon blanc and Riesling for the white wines.

For the Main Course

Whether you are having red meat, a turkey feast or even varieties of seafood at the table, make sure you have the right wines that are perfect to match all of that.

McManis Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

This wine is the perfect party wine with blackberry and cherry on the palate, quite tannin and has coffee finish.

2007 Kim Crafword Marlborough Pinot Noir

The rosemary-and-cherry-scented Pinot Noir is probably the food-friendliest red grape of all. It is mostly aged in steel tanks to keep the fruit character pure.

Yellow Tail Shiraz

For some people who are not so into red wines, this is the perfect choice to serve at the table. It has fruity flavors with a decent finish of raspberries.

St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2003

This wine boasts a very refreshing flavor that mixes orange, lime and lemon palate. The vibrancy and elegance make the wine a perfect choice for the festive holiday gathering.

For the Desserts

A great meal experience is not complete without the sweet closure of the desserts and the pair, which is Ā a lovely dessert wine.

Pacific Rim 2011 Vin de Glaciere Riesling

The price may not be too party friendly in holiday season like this however Pacific Rim makes a great Riesling in various ranges from dry to sweet. A perfect choice to accompany your after-meal.

Like we mentioned above, some people are in red wines favor and the others are so much into the white ones regardless the type of food they are having. For us, we love all kind of wines. We even love the rose as well!

Now tell us, what type of wines are you into, especially during this holiday season?


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