Gift Wrapping & Packaging Ideas

Now that almost all of you have gifts you want to give out for this christmas and holiday season, how’s your packaging coming along? The packaging from the store looks good and convenient, but why don’t we give a little more personal touch on the thoughtful gifts we picked out for our loved ones?

1. Words

Putting thoughtful words on each gift for the person who will receive the gift is always heartwarming.

Gift Package with Words

Gift Package with Words

2. Nature

A lot of gift wrapping for winter holidays involve nature related patterns or objects these days to look the festive part. Nature makes anything look fabulous!

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

Pine Cone Gift Wrapping

3. Use what you already have

These brown paper bags are very useful in various ways, even for the gift wrapping!

Paper Bag Packaging

Paper Bag Packaging

4. Warmth

It looks always nice to decorate with something that reminds us the season. We thought this warm wool sweater idea was perfect for the season.

Sweater Wrapping

Sweater Wrapping

5. Neon and Colors

A lot of items from PinKixx is about modern colors. Adding colors on the gift would be a lot of fun.

Neon Color Ribbon Packaing

Neon Color Ribbon Packaging

6. Geometric

Again, PinKixx’s Geo Collections are about geometric shapes and make them into fashion. These geometric patterns will make your package more unique and modern.

Geometric Pattern Packaging

Geometric Pattern Packaging

There you have it. For more details, please click on the pictures.

PinKixx wishes you all a wonderful Merry Christmas!


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