Champagne Toast to the New Year!

It’s finally here! Happy New Year!

The year 2013 had passed, and the year 2014 has come. Was your 2013 productive? What is new you learned in 2013? What has to be changed and what has to be continued? What’s your new year resolution? So many questions and thoughts go through our minds around this time.

PinKixx opened up in July 2013, and it certainly had been a different and interesting year for us. The year 2013 was somehow hard to say goodbye to. But, a lot of new plans are ahead, and we are excited to see how they all will pan out this year.

However our 2013 went, whatever our new plans are, let’s drink to what we have and what’s now. It’s time to celebrate!

new year champagne

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We found some great list of champagne recipes from Pinterest. Lots of them with delicious fruits. Also’s article a year ago for champagne cocktail recipes are easy to make and bound to please you and your guests for holiday visits.

Raise your glass to toast. Here’s to you, the year 2014! We wish all of us to make this year to prosper and sparkle!


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