Popular Fashion Gadgets for Women

So, most of us have laptops, USB drives, smart phones, e-readers, tablets, and digital cameras nowadays, and more, we women carry so much in our bag everyday.

A lot of PinKixx members are career women / professional women / business women. Some travel a lot, some have presentations every week, some get a quick bite alone outside every day, some have private meetings with clients all the time, etc. With all the things we carry around, we want to make them professional and convenient and even fashionable and fun on whatever occasion we have everyday. We’ve seen pink laptops and cameras, heart shaped diamond covered USB drives, colorful iphone cases, and many more. Here are some more gadgets to go with what we already have for our busy members.

1. Smart phone stand 

iPlunge came out years ago, but we still find it new and cool. Casemate Pop! is more modern and colorful for iPhone 5.

smart phone stand

smart phone stand

iphone 5 stand

Casemate Pop! Stand

2. Camera Tripod that sticks everywhere

This is perfect to take pictures anywhere anytime, even if you have no one around to ask for pictures of you.

camera tripod

camera tripod

3. Fashionable and Modern Ipad cover

There are tons of them out there, but as you all know, PinKixx goes for simplicity and modern. We tried to find the one that is handmade in USA and stands up but couldn’t, but this one is also pretty cool.

ipad case

ipad cover

4. Cosmetics organizer

We thought the clear was fun and easy to find what’s where in the bag. The orange one is great to carry, not just cosmetics but as a purse.

cosmetic bag - clear

cosmetics bag – clear

cosmetic bag - orange

cosmetics bag – orange

5. Lipstick Battery Charger

Lipstick USB stick, lipstick in a mirrored case that lights up, lipstick lighter, lipstick lollipop, lipstick pepper spray, lipstick stun gun, lipstick camera, lipstick phone… Isn’t there anything we cannot find in lipstick form these days? Here’s another one.

lipstick battery charger

lipstick battery charger

Please click the pictures for more details and original sources on each item.

What other fashion gadgets do you use? Please share with us.


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