Don’t Be Afraid of Colors !

I always liked orange, but I never dared to buy anything orange because the color just didn’t go well with me.  Caps, shirts, hair accessories, socks, shoes…You name it, I probably tried them in orange. It was one of those colors I just admired and envied but never could do anything with.  I always thought that was the color, the color that just wouldn’t go with me. That was until I found the design that would go with me, even in orange.

My first orange purchase was from Gap store. Last winter, I went there with my friend who wanted to exchange something. Heaps of neon colors were going on in the store at that time, so naturally, as neon color lover as I am, I was intrigued to look around and found a sweater in the sale rack.

Me in Orange

Me in Orange !

I came home and tried it at home, thinking that I’d probably return it anyway.  I looked at myself in the mirror and thought the neckline was a little too wide and deep.  then I remembered our orange cube necklace which was my first cube necklace I created.  I put them together on me, and viola!  I literally wore that combination a dozen times after that.  Now orange is one of my favorite colors I can actually wear!

How about you? Is there a color you are afraid of to wear? How did you get over the problem? Please share with us in the comment.

So, next challenge for me?  Here I go, purple!


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