Valentine’s Day for Single Women

Valentine’s Day is here! A lot of our PinKixxes are busy career/professional women. Whether you’re attached or not, Valentines’ Day is a good one to excuse ourselves from work and get some stress off and take care of ourselves. Here are some great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day for our PinKixxes!

1. Pamper yourself. It’s valentines day. Let’s love ourselves. Get a lavish mani-pedi or spa treatment. Order take out and watch your favorite movie of all times. After all, you have no one to please but your own self.

2. Get done what you want. Use the day to get done something you’ve been meaning to tackle. Be productive and organize your office, sign up for to get your finances in order, or rearrange your bookshelf by color (it really brightens a room!). Do it for a fresh start. Have you putting off Exercise? Go workout on your body. Fewer people are at the gym on valentines day.

3. Find new hobby. Interested in taking up yoga? Want to learn how to pole-dance? Wish you could master in wine and cheese? Take classes. Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before, or seldom get to do because of your busy schedule.


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4. Send love someone else’s way. Kindness spreads, we all know that. Being in a business world, our PinKixx should know that no matter what business we carry, GIVE is a big part in our passion. Give Valentine’s Day cards to those close to you, like your co-workers and friends and family members, as well as those not so close to you, like the waitress who pours you a second cup of coffee. Find non-profit organizations in local and help those less fortunate than you. There are people alone on valentines day. You never know what your kind gesture will do for someone. They’ll pay-forward and make the world a more-smiley place too!

5. Make time for a party for single friends. Who needs a valentine when you and your friends have each other? Round up your girls and buy something for each other (don’t forget to set the spending limit beforehand). Then on V-Day, invite your friends over to your house or a bar to celebrate being fabulous. Make it a colorful cocktail party, decorate your party room with your favorite themes to welcome your guests, prepare a small DIY project to do together with your guests at the party. Meaning? Make it YOU. Casual? Fancy? Movie night? Karaoke? However you fancy for the night, make it happy and fun, and enjoy a night with friends in your style.

6. Keep perspective and make plans. Don’t let yourself get sucked into a self-pity vortex. As any (honest) attached woman will tell you, being coupled on February 14th won’t make you any happier than being single. Bottom line? It’s all in how you choose to look at it. But, (this may be a big but), we live in love; Mother’s love, Sister’s love, Friend’s love… If you want to add, romantic love to your list, take some time to write down a few romantic love goals. Whether your plan is to marry in 10  years or have a boyfriend by next month, you need a plan. As you all know, the clarity of knowing what you want makes it that much easier to get where you want.

So, what is your way to celebrate V-day this year? Whatever you decide to do, enjoy, relax, and have fun. CELEBRATE IN YOUR PINKIXX STYLE!


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