Kick the Habit of Constant Eating?

I’d been known it for a while, and I knew it was getting worse. I wasn’t eating because I was hungry. As a matter of fact, I was full, but sitting in front of my computer all day, I was eating constantly; sometimes too much until my stomach hurt that I couldn’t breath anymore. I knew I had to stop this awful habit somehow.


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Stress eating some might call it. It has been around for a long time, and especially professional women who are sitting at their desks all day for work and are under constant street have this habit a lot because if you’re in the motion and moving around, it’s hard to eat and fall into that constant eating habit. Many of our PinKixx members work with their computers a lot and sit at the desk all day for their work just like me, so I wanted to share things I learned and found out that worked for others to prevent this constant eating.

-Drink water or tea before meals to make you feel fuller – so you eat less
-Try to keep junk food away from you to prevent temptation. – putting them somewhere that is not too easy to access (definitely not in your arm’s reach) or painting your nails so that you can open the packets
-Keep healthier food around you to snack on such as seeds and fruit. For example, seeds or nuts or dried fruits like cranberries. So if you give in and eat, it’d be still better than junk foods
-Keep your hands busy when you feel like eating
-Do your research and find foods with low calories, such as crisps and chocolate bars
-Eat more protein and fiber, like oats as they make you feel fuller for longer

And, these are the ways that helped me personally:

-Chewing gums instead of food
-Brushing teeth and using mouthwash
-Eating with non-dominant hand if I snack

Have you had this bad habit before but you kicked it off? Please share how you’ve done it in the comment, so we can help each other. 🙂


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