Gifts for Powerful Women #1

A lot of PinKixx members are professional career women. Work is not always about the work itself but the whole package to present yourself to co-workers, bosses, and clients. Our first list for gifts for powerful women is about what you put on your body as a working woman. We say gifts, but it could be also career essential and something for yourself to show the confident yourself.

1. Pant Suits

We love pant suits! Not that we imitate men’s wear, pant suits put us a different mind-set and mood for the day. When it’s needed, put on some pants and be the boss.

Pant Suits

Pant Suits for Professional Women from

2. Scarves

Great accessory these days to accent what we wear. It’s something simple, but the effect is enormous as you know it.

Scarfs for Working Women

Scarfs for Working Women from

3. Shoes

Don’t we just  love shoes! Shoes make the whole outfit complete. Wrong match, all effort down the toilet.

Office Pumps for Women

Office Pumps for Women from

4. Bag

You cannot screw up with bags after you had the perfect outfit on. Something that can accommodate you to carry all we need and to show your professional self will be perfect for career women. Also it’ll make your day to receive a gift like this, don’t you think?

Bags for Boss

Bags for Boss from

What is on your wish list as a working woman? Please share with us in the comment!



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