Hats off to Graduates! Best Gifts Towards New Beginning!

Hats off to you, Graduates! You all have done well, and now here you are as Graduates excited for another new beginning. Congrats!!!

We took a lot of special custom orders for their loved ones for this season. We’d like to share some of the great ideas by our PinKixxes.

1. “Word” Necklace

Silver Courage/Strength Necklace

Silver Courage/Strength Necklace

Sterling Silver Word Necklace comes with the words you’d like to give to your loved ones. This particular one comes with “Courage” on one side and “Strength” on the other. Great item for the new beginners to wish and remind them what they need to achieve their future goals. Other popular words are also available. Please check here.

2.  “Infinity” Bracelet

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Initial

Gold Infinity Bracelet with Initial

This Gold Infinity Bracelet with Pearls originally came with no initial or word charm. Now, thanks to our member Amanda, you can request with an initial or a word disc charm both sterling silver or gold. Great personalized item for anyone to show your love for them.

3. “Teardrop” Earrings

Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop Earrings

Originally available for 14mm and 18mm Teardrop Earrings in gold or silver. Thanks for Elly who requested it, now we can deliver bigger ones to you!

4. “Infinity” Necklace

Gold Infinity Bracelet

Gold Infinity Bracelet

Our Gold Infinity Bracelet was made into Gold Infinity Necklace by the request from Cheryl. She purchased a set and now anyone who wants it can request it with the length and the chain you like.

Which item from PinKixx is your favorite for Graduates? Please share them in the comment. 🙂





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