Met Gala 2014 Fashion!

It was glamorous as it ever was. The fashion at the Met Gala 2014 event met our expectations and beyond. I had so much fun watching the fabulous celebrities in modern fashion. Always glad to see them uniquely and freely expressing themselves in the way they want, especially at this event Met Gala every year.

Starting with a little disappointment at the event, as a lot of people already mentioned, it was also my regret to see (because i was expecting another awesome show-off from her) Lupita Nyong’o‘s choice for this event. But every fashion star makes and goes through different trials to find their own fashion statements, so I’ll just say it was interesting to see her in Prada this time.

As expected of these two fashionistas, Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta & Zoe Saldana’s dress by, my personal favorite designer, Michael Kors were total head-turners.

Met Gala 2014

Met Gala 2014 – Black and White

Charlize Theron in Dior accompanied by Sean-Penn & Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham in black or white were simple and so elegant.

Met Gala 2014 - Black and White

Met Gala 2014 – Black and White

Blake Lively in Gucci & Joan-Smalls in Vera Wang (and with her gorgeous dark purple lipstick) shined all night in both romantic nude colored dresses (and I loved Joan’s shoes so much, i’m so jealous?!).

Met Gala Fashion

Met Gala 2014 Fashion

Which comes to the point of my second favorite of the night:

Met Gala 2014 Favorite

My Met Gala 2014 Favorite

Chrissy Teigen in Ralph Lauren‘s body-clinging shimmering dress (that made her look like a mermaid), accompanied by John Legend, was a knock-out for me, and I’m dying to get the dress for myself.

Last but not least, Liu Wen in Zac Posen & Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung were also simple but glamorously elegant with queen’ flair bottom dresses.

Met Gala Favorites

Met Gala 2014 Fashion

AND, now, my absolute No. 1 favorite goes to:

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

My No.1 Favorite – Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

Who wouldn’t love this bomb dress, right?? I do have to admit though that the dress would be tough to pull off if it were not a supermodel like Karolina Kurkova.

How about you? Who was your favorite this year? Please share in the comment!


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