5 Surprising Foods to Avoid for Your Bikini Body

BEACH season is coming up soon! Who’s working on the bikini body for this summer? Exercising and Dieting are good, but in our busy life, we sometimes stray away from the track of taking care of our bodies. At times like that, these surprisingly bad foods for your bikini body could be the emergency back-up tips that are easy to follow and to remember to keep our bikini body in check.

Bikini Body for This Summer!

Bikini Body for This Summer!


Avoid Brussels sprouts! A nutritious, low-cal veggie, Brussels sprouts may not be the most bikini-friendly, Rachel Berman, registered dietitian and Director of Nutrition for CalorieCount.com, says. “While they contain fiber and nutrients, they can also cause gas and GI expansion, so incorporate them slowly into your diet to reap high fiber benefits.” They will help you stay healthy and bikini body ready, just don’t eat them right before you head to the beach for the best bikini belly.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts


Sushi may seem like a good, low-cal meal option, but not all sushi is created equal. “When it comes to ordering sushi this summer, stay with simple rolls,” Margaux J. Rathbun, a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and creator of nutrition website Authentic Self Wellness. Steer clear of deep fried rolls and those covered in sauce and choose slimmer sashimi and veggie rolls with brown rice instead.


Skip that sugar-free gum before sliding into your swimsuit. “Chewing gum can result in swallowing air, which can lead to a bloated feeling. In addition, sugar alcohols found in sugar-free products can upset the stomach and leave you feeling less than sexy in your swimsuit,” Berman says.


On the other hand, Leafy Greens, celery, asparagus, raw nuts, berries, eggs, salmon, red bell peppers, quinoa, pineapple, grapefruit, and greek yogurt are best foods for your hard-worked bikini body.

How do you keep your bikini body? Please share your secrets and tips with us!

(All images are from Pinterest.com, and for more detailed information about best and worst foods for your bikini body, please see Shape.com.)



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