Important Meeting Tomorrow? Do This Today!

Have an important meeting tomorrow? Our PinKixx members have to meet a lot of people for their works. Meeting could be stressful and nerve-breaking sometimes (depending on what kind of meeting you have, of course), but once you get used to it, you’ll always be ready to present yourself and your ideas or business. However, even veterans can forget little things sometimes when they’re busy. These are the things for you to remember to break a leg the next day.

1. Say No to Garlic Pasta Dinner

Even if you’ve brushed and flossed, odors from pungent foods such as onions, garlic and coffee may be detected on your breath up to 72 hours after digestion, depending on your individual body chemistry. So think twice about that garlicky pasta dinner if you have a business meeting or interview (or hot date) the next day.

garlic pasta

garlic pasta: from

2. Accessorize Yourself for the Part

Is your meeting in an office with executives? Is it at a home cocktail party with a group? Is it a seminar presentation at a big convention with a huge crowd? Or is it at a coffee shop and one-on-one? Obviously, depending on where it is and who you’re meeting, you’ll have to lay out what to wear. It could be a business suit, it could be casual, or it could be a formal dress. No matter what kind of meeting that is and what you decide to wear, please remember to show yourself.

First, think “set.” Clothes, shoes, bag, jewelry, accessory…anything you’ll have on and with you, see it as a whole package. You match your shoes with your clothes, right? You match your bag with your clothes, but does it go with the rest of you? The power necklace you always wear for an important meeting goes with your belt, not just your clothes? The broach you’ll wear would go with the shoes you’ll have on? Do the earrings you’ll be wearing go with your lipstick color? Not to stress you out on what you’re going to wear for the meeting, but when you think of matching things for the meeting, put them all together and see as a whole.

outfit for professional women

dress for success: from

They all go together? Great job! Now that you put them all together, think “less.” When you think about one by one, it might not be much, but when they’re all together, it could be. You’ll have a necklace on? Maybe you don’t need a pair of earrings. You have a shirt or a jacket with shiny buttons you plan on wearing? You might not need a broach.

Think of the whole picture, not just one to one, and remember less is more.

3. Load Your Bullets

See if you have all the gadgets you need for the meeting. Remember your business cards ran out last time you had a mixer? Fill up your case with enough business cards. Have a pen or two in case you have to be attentive and write down something for someone. iPad for the presentation, the software or file on iPad properly working, samples you have to show, etc-you know the drill. Most of all, have your pitch ready. You know the 1-2 sentence pitch that explains who you are and what you do, and why they have to remember you. Weather it’s related to the meeting you’ll have or not, the pitch is one of your most important bullets you’ll carry when you meet anyone anywhere.

4. Before Bed, Charge Up Your Confidence

When you’re in bed to go to sleep, say your goal/resolution out loud. What do you have to accomplish at the meeting? What do you have to show to convince them? Say it out loud. At least 3 times. Do it again when you wake up in the morning. Say it out loud again at least 3 times. Wear a big smile. YOU CAN DO IT.

Please share your secret/preparation for your important meetings here.




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