8 Things You Should Try Ombre!

Calling for Fashionistas! Ombre style is trendy and everywhere these days. If you want to try ombre, try these. It’ll be a lot of fun!

1. Cakes

A lot of wedding cakes and cake balls are great to make ombre style. They just look so delicious to eat. Here are a couple of recipes we found:




ombre cake

ombre cake from pinterest.com

2. Hair

Ahhhh, we’ve seen it a lot these days. When you say ‘ombre’ it is almost as if we are talking about hair automatically. If you’re going to try 1 thing in ombre, try your hair.

ombre hair

ombre hair from pinterest

3. Nail polish

Another popular thing to try for you is on your nails. So many different color and style you can try are booming out there.

ombre nail polish

ombre nail polish from pinterest.com

4. Jewelry

Ombre is going on in jewelry too. PinKixx’s popular 3 Shade of Grey Earrings is also one of them you can try.



3 shades of grey earrings

3 shades of grey earrings from pinkixx.com

5. Scarf

One of the necessary items for fashionstas these days is scarfs. Have an ombre scarf amongst your scarf collection. It’ll surely accent your fashion in a lot of ways.

ombre scarf

ombre scarf from pinterest.com

6. Dress

We love ombre dresses. If you want more of summer mood, try yellow or tangerine color for your dress. If you want the classy side of you in modern theme, try black or grey. It’ll be so much fun for urban fashionistas to try.

ombre dress

ombre dress from pinterest.com

7. Shoes

If you’d like to go extra miles to try trendy ombre style, shoes are a lot of fun too. From walking shoes, which can be more colorful for casual fashion, to heels, which can be more fashionable with different add-ons and patterns, ombre shoes will kick it up a notch in your style.

ombre shoes

ombre shoes from pinterest.com

8. Stockings

For the kinky shock value, ombre stockings are popular. They will surely catch everyone’s attention.

ombre stocking

ombre stocking from pinterest.com

Wow, a lot of them out there, don’t they? What is your favorite ombre style? Please share in the comment. đŸ™‚


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