50% Off 1 Day Anniversary Sale!

That’s right. This week is special for us at PinKixx. Our first anniversary is tomorrow, and, to celebrate our first anniversary, we are going out big. Here’s our gift to you!


1st anniversary sale

We are glad to announce this tomorrow’s sale news to our blog readers first 12 hours ahead. Please use the coupon code :


to get your 50% off from us, PinKixx, on any item available in our PinKixx.com site. In addition to the 50% off coupon, we are also sending a secret gift for every order. The gift will be chosen depending on the item you ordered and included in the package along with your purchased item. The secret gift will be only available while the supply lasts, so please hurry up!

Please note that this coupon is only valid for 24 hours on July 4, 2014, from midnight to 11:59pm  pacific time. All sales with 50% off coupon are final sale. No return will be accepted. Excludes gift certificate sale.  Cannot be combined with another other offer. This  incredible offer is available only at PinKixx.com main site.

Please come and share your favorite items from PinKixx in the comment!


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